First day of Summer!


SUMMER – is for horseback riding. It is the time of year that you plan on enjoying the outdoors, whether you are planning a vacation or doing that something you love to do outside! It could be visiting the beach or hiking in the mountains. I bet you can take one guess what I do in the summer, I horse back ride all over my home town with my good friends! And this girl is the best trail horse and I am so grateful and thankful for Chloe and my other trail horse Zack.  I am lucky my sister came to visit for a short time and so we got to enjoy some trail rides….  we could ride forever, visiting, chatting, reconnecting. So much FUN!  😀

SUMMER – is for gardening as I’ve shared my tiny garden in previous posts. I’m loving all the outdoor activities which include not only gardening but going to the park with my granddaughter. I just remembered we have summer night concerts at the park on Friday nights! SO nice to enjoy some music and some BBQ or we can bring food and picnic. I have to remind my hubby that the Concert in the Parks have started, we missed the first one but will catch some and enjoy Friday nights out for sure this summer.  😀

SUMMER – is for Graduations!! At least this year is all about graduations! Starting with my daughter who is graduating with her Masters Degree in Humanities. Then my middle son graduated with a BS degree in Physics and my youngest son graduated with his BS degree in Computer Science. Oh my, this momma can’t express how proud I am of my adult children. They will always be my children but the accomplishments they have achieved are humbling to me as I admire their tenacity, their dedication and their strength to stay on course and finish what they started. I find that life can get in the way of goals, and I am grateful and I’m very impressed they achieved their goals. Love you all so very much!  ❤ ❤ ❤

SUMMER – Brings sunshine and smiles. It brings hot days, summer storms and I am hoping that everyone has the best summer this year. I am looking forward to so many things, watching my garden grow, enjoying my horses and having fun with family. What does your summer bring for you this year? I’d love to hear from you! Thank you for visiting!  😀


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  1. congratulations to your sons and daughter. These are great accomplishments. The roses are beautiful and what fun to go hacking around town. I’d like to swing up into a western saddle and do that!

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