She Has No Fear!


Can you tell she loves to RIDE! She is a natural and has no fear, loving everything about horses. Zack is so nice and relaxed and loving the attention as I lead him around with her getting a ride. We were actually done here and so I didn’t try to get him to look at me as he stood so relaxed, relaxed ears not looking forward but not a bit disagreeable. I adopted Zack from my sister who use to use Zack as a mounted patrol horse with the Chino Police dept. It was all volunteer work but she has had him at events where there’s been a lot of children running around and she told me he acted like he wanted to bite at them. We are not sure what he was thinking, maybe he thought this is a game? but he didn’t seem to like them much and so I have been taking my time with Alice and Zack. He has been very kind and patient, and I have not seen any meanness coming from him but I don’t over do it with their contact and I am teaching Alice to be respectful around him. My mare, Miss Chloe has the “patience of Job” and LOVES people and children. She loves on her in many ways and I have complete confidence she watches out for this sweet little girl. ❤

Miss Alice rides a lot of horses these days, one lucky little girl as my girlfriend Sally walks around with her on her horse Gracie. I walk with her on Miss Chloe and Zack and then occassionally she will ride with Sally pictured here. She is getting her fill of horses each day she comes to the stables and I am hoping she will be a very good horse rider and enjoy them with me since I do have two so I can share them with her as she grows. I know someday they will be too old or too slow for her but I have a lot of years to go with her and my beautiful ponies! 😀

I have to share her discovery of band-aids as she has fallen on her knees this past week. Her other Grandma babysits her as well and she got a small boo-boo at her house and so she decided to put on a band-aid to quiet her down so that is the big band-aid. And then at my house she had the smallest trip down on her knee on the other leg which led to a tiny cut and of course another band-aid. Oh my, she is so funny but a bit over dramatic with her skinned knees, she is so ADORABLE! What are Grandma’s for right? to spoil and console the best we can, and I told Alice she is fine and doesn’t need the band-aid but she is very insistent. Mom and Dad has removed them, which I was glad as she needs to be strong as there will probably be many more boo-boo’s in her future. She makes me giggle, she makes me laugh out loud actually, she gives the BEST HUGS! I’m a LUCKY Grandma! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. NorCal Zen

    You are a lucky grandma, and your granddaughter is a lucky girl 🙂 Maybe Zack felt that when he was in the mounted police he had to focus on his job? I’ve notice that some horses with a great work ethic don’t like any distractions when they are doing their job, not even pets and treats. I don’t know Zack, just a thought. Knowing one child also makes a difference. I always enjoy your posts.

    Talking about horses. I tried out for a new job yesterday. I’m going to start Monday 🙂 Helping a lady with her horses, a couple hours every day. I’m very excited. Just basic care that I do every day with my own horses. Nothing stressful, only fun, and I can bring my daughter.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend ❤



    1. Thank you Maria, I think you might be right about Zack! And it was a big distraction all the kids and people at those events. One on one he has been so good with Alice.
      How exciting your new job!! And to be able to take your daughter even better. 😀 It’s nice to work with other horses as it’s fun to see how they think and I know you will be great at this job. So nice to chat a bit with you!
      Kindly, Diana

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