First day of Summer!


SUMMER – is for horseback riding. It is the time of year that you plan on enjoying the outdoors, whether you are planning a vacation or doing that something you love to do outside! It could be visiting the beach or hiking in the mountains. I bet you can take one guess what I do in the summer, I horse back ride all over my home town with my good friends! And this girl is the best trail horse and I am so grateful and thankful for Chloe and my other trail horse Zack.  I am lucky my sister came to visit for a short time and so we got to enjoy some trail rides….  we could ride forever, visiting, chatting, reconnecting. So much FUN!  😀

SUMMER – is for gardening as I’ve shared my tiny garden in previous posts. I’m loving all the outdoor activities which include not only gardening but going to the park with my granddaughter. I just remembered we have summer night concerts at the park on Friday nights! SO nice to enjoy some music and some BBQ or we can bring food and picnic. I have to remind my hubby that the Concert in the Parks have started, we missed the first one but will catch some and enjoy Friday nights out for sure this summer.  😀

SUMMER – is for Graduations!! At least this year is all about graduations! Starting with my daughter who is graduating with her Masters Degree in Humanities. Then my middle son graduated with a BS degree in Physics and my youngest son graduated with his BS degree in Computer Science. Oh my, this momma can’t express how proud I am of my adult children. They will always be my children but the accomplishments they have achieved are humbling to me as I admire their tenacity, their dedication and their strength to stay on course and finish what they started. I find that life can get in the way of goals, and I am grateful and I’m very impressed they achieved their goals. Love you all so very much!  ❤ ❤ ❤

SUMMER – Brings sunshine and smiles. It brings hot days, summer storms and I am hoping that everyone has the best summer this year. I am looking forward to so many things, watching my garden grow, enjoying my horses and having fun with family. What does your summer bring for you this year? I’d love to hear from you! Thank you for visiting!  😀


My Tiny Garden is Growing Fast!


I can’t believe how the pumpkins and cucumbers are taking off! They were started from seed and with little work they are flourishing. I am having a great time tending to my garden and I am able to water the roses in my garden which have been neglected through the years. It turns out roses need a lot of water, and so in watering them I’m rewarded with wonderful blooms, the roses are so very beautiful! Here are more photos of my tiny veggie garden, and a photo or two of my tea rose blooming. 😀

We have plans on a draught resistant front yard. You can see a blank slate beyond these roses where there was nice grass which over the years has died out. For now, we have palm trees, some rose bushes, and a few other plants growing near the house. And of course my tiny veggie garden. If I do well, I may expand it and do more. Hmm… maybe I will look into some winter veggies to grow. That would be fun too. I’ve never grown through the winter ending in the fall and then beginning again the next spring. I’m so enjoying gardening, I forgot how it makes you feel being outdoors, so alive puts a huge smile on my face and in my heart and getting down in the dirt and enjoying the sunshine or the weather what ever it may be on a given day!



In this small container are my peas, bell peppers and my tomatoes. The peas and tomatoes are coming along but the bell peppers are slow and if they don’t grow, that’s okay, it is still fun to see everything sprout. I’m not giving up yet on the bell pepper’s, but they are growing very slowly right now. I also have a blueberry plant which I will be re-potting in its own container maybe with more blueberries. I haven’t decided yet, but this container I think is too small for the blueberry plant.

I’ve grown pumpkins and a lot of squash before. I’ve never grown cucumbers but figured they are similar. My men in my family are not fond of squash or zucchini so that’s why I chose the cucumber. And who doesn’t love pumpkins! I know my granddaughter will enjoy the pumpkins and I planted seeds that will grow white and orange pumpkins, can’t wait to see what we grow!! These photos are from last weekend and I took another photo today, three days later and you can see the pumpkins are growing, the vines are getting longer each day.  I have been watching and reading others with their gardens and it’s so much fun to see all the wonderful photos, I hope you enjoy my tiny garden! Thanks for visiting! ❤


She Has No Fear!


Can you tell she loves to RIDE! She is a natural and has no fear, loving everything about horses. Zack is so nice and relaxed and loving the attention as I lead him around with her getting a ride. We were actually done here and so I didn’t try to get him to look at me as he stood so relaxed, relaxed ears not looking forward but not a bit disagreeable. I adopted Zack from my sister who use to use Zack as a mounted patrol horse with the Chino Police dept. It was all volunteer work but she has had him at events where there’s been a lot of children running around and she told me he acted like he wanted to bite at them. We are not sure what he was thinking, maybe he thought this is a game? but he didn’t seem to like them much and so I have been taking my time with Alice and Zack. He has been very kind and patient, and I have not seen any meanness coming from him but I don’t over do it with their contact and I am teaching Alice to be respectful around him. My mare, Miss Chloe has the “patience of Job” and LOVES people and children. She loves on her in many ways and I have complete confidence she watches out for this sweet little girl. ❤

Miss Alice rides a lot of horses these days, one lucky little girl as my girlfriend Sally walks around with her on her horse Gracie. I walk with her on Miss Chloe and Zack and then occassionally she will ride with Sally pictured here. She is getting her fill of horses each day she comes to the stables and I am hoping she will be a very good horse rider and enjoy them with me since I do have two so I can share them with her as she grows. I know someday they will be too old or too slow for her but I have a lot of years to go with her and my beautiful ponies! 😀

I have to share her discovery of band-aids as she has fallen on her knees this past week. Her other Grandma babysits her as well and she got a small boo-boo at her house and so she decided to put on a band-aid to quiet her down so that is the big band-aid. And then at my house she had the smallest trip down on her knee on the other leg which led to a tiny cut and of course another band-aid. Oh my, she is so funny but a bit over dramatic with her skinned knees, she is so ADORABLE! What are Grandma’s for right? to spoil and console the best we can, and I told Alice she is fine and doesn’t need the band-aid but she is very insistent. Mom and Dad has removed them, which I was glad as she needs to be strong as there will probably be many more boo-boo’s in her future. She makes me giggle, she makes me laugh out loud actually, she gives the BEST HUGS! I’m a LUCKY Grandma! ❤ ❤ ❤

June squares: Roofs

A square roof photo challenge, I thought I’d give this a try. This is an antique store in Orcutt, California when I was visiting my daughter. The challenge is from Becky, Life of B you can also check them out at Becky’s place.





My Tiny Garden is Growing


I feel like a little kid watching my garden grow! This veggie garden is really small but I think will be really big once it matures and the veggies start to emerge. The photo on the right is from a week ago, and the one on the left is from yesterday and my how fast my pumpkins and cucumbers are growing. My granddaughter is having fun watching nature’s work too. I can’t wait to show her the cucumbers and pumpkins, tomatoes and bell peppers. Snap peas and blueberries! The herbs are not exciting but are getting bigger each day too. She won’t understand the herbs, but the others will be fun. I planted multi-color bell peppers and am hoping for an assortment of colors! AND the pumpkins seeds are both orange and white pumpkins, I can’t wait to see all the COLORS!! 😀


The snap peas are going CRAZY! Look at all that green, all from seeds! I am easily amazed if you can’t tell and right next to the snap peas on the left are my bell peppers finally showing up! I’m trying not to over water, and want to make sure I water enough. We’ve had a mild spring here in Southern Cali so I’m grateful for that this year as some years it’s just hot, hot and more hot. But these seedlings have had a great start and warmer weather is on its way!  😉


These herbs are coming along. You have to remember I live inland about 40 miles from the Pacific Ocean which is basically desert or desert like as it gets hot in the summers. I’m about an hour and a half from Palm Springs, now that’s the desert. AND it gets super hot there almost always 10 to 20 degrees hotter than my location. So growing anything here requires lots and lots of water because we just don’t get much precipitation as the weeks roll by. BUT the last month as I planted we have had a lot of cloud cover, dewy nights with lots of precipitation exceptional for this area. We call this kind of weather June gloom as it can be cloudy and overcast throughout the mornings with the fog and clouds rolling in from the coast which is usually in June, it came a month early. I’m far enough inland that it usually burns off and warms up and can get hot. But has been so nice and cool, I have been relishing the weather this last month of May. I wonder if it will be a hot June? I’m praying for a mild summer, one can wish!  ❤