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I am writing about Astonish, a daily prompt here on WordPress. I find these word prompts interesting and it makes you think outside the box and stimulates your creative juices.  As I think about being astonished so many things come to mind. I am astonished at all the people who live in southern California which in turn makes me very astonished at all the traffic. I shouldn’t be astonished since it is really become the norm, and I’m thankful for my crazy work hours because I travel the opposite direction of all the crazy traffic.

I found a list of synonyms for the word astonish, which in turn makes you think of what makes you dumbfounded? or bewildered? I know there are many days I feel overwhelmed, another synonym. When I feel overwhelmed it is mostly from my job – since I’m a supervisor there are days that it just gets overwhelming needing to take care of all things on my plate. Sometimes I feel dumbfounded with things I see in the news, how can you not right? Astounded, blown away, stupefy, dazed? a few more synonyms and boy, you can make a long laundry list of things that amaze you, maybe something you read stuns you but really what exactly blows you away? makes you wonder right?

I didn’t think I would write a whole paragraph full of question marks, but I just did! I can think of things at my stables or in my town full of horses that can sometimes be astonishing. I don’t want to be specific, and there is not just one way to ride a horse, or take care of a horse or even train a horse, but some things are just astonishing. I am thankful that I have my horses at a super nice boarding facilities with like-minded folks that love and take care of their horses like I would and do. I’m very thankful for that!

I think that I would be astonished if I got 100 likes for this post. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I know that it would be really cool.  Even though I may not be writing a very intriguing blog, because you have to admit what is in this story or blog? just words explaining how I would be amazed or astonished about this that or the other thing, but it makes you think, what exactly is the thing we all really want? recognition? likeability? to be enjoyed, to get a smile a laugh, a giggle? I’m giggling at myself. I need to get some sleep so I’ll apologize now for this silly post. As I think this all may be a bit meaningless but I wrote it and I’m going to publish it and it is what it is, right? I know I’m right! 😀


I’m amazed at the full palm trees! They have since all been trimmed. I like them full but they will grow full again. ❤

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  1. NorCal Zen

    I do like your writing about astonish. I have one blogging question for you. Are you using keywords? I know you can turn them of so that your readers don’t see them, but if that’s not the case, I highly recommend using just a few keywords (more is not necessarily better,) if you want more people to find your wonderful posts. I’m so happy that you found me, so that I found your blog. I think it’s absolutely beautiful. If someone searched for the word “astonish”, and it was one of your keywords, your post would come up. Just a thought. Have a wonderful day!

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked this post about Astonish. Is there a place in settings so I can use keywords? I haven’t upgraded yet and I will do that this week, maybe I have to upgrade to be able to use keywords? I think that would really help me out so that others may find my blog. Thank you for the advice, its greatly appreciated. I’m still new to this blogging, so new that I really do not have others to nominate for the quote challenge. You and another blogger Anne who I found through her horse blogs are the only ones I communicate with and you both are doing this challenge. I’m learning, and slowly growing. I’m glad it is low key as I’m still learning! I have made crochet animals too, and I have made and sold many of them. I was going to open an Etsy store, maybe I can get something going with this blog and I read that you can sell through this site. I need to REALLY GET ORGANIZED, I feel like I’m sooooo busy I can’t concentrate on everything I want to…. Thanks again Maria!! ❤

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      1. NorCal Zen

        For me there’s a square on my right side, as I am writing a post, where I can write keywords/tags. It might look slightly different depending on what versions of WordPress you’re using. I do know that you can wright keyword even in the free version. Blogging is so much fun! I’ve been doing it for 7 years now, (not the same blog.) I’m still learning all the time. I think it’s a great idea to sell your crochet through your blog. Depending on what kind of post I write, I sometimes direct my readers to my online photography gallery, where I sell my best photos. Usually if I hiked to a spectacular place, or photographed an event. (Not the more personal posts.) I think you can utilize blogging for anything you want. I started my first blog to improve my English, it’s not my first language. Happy blogging! ❤

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      2. Oh Wow, Your English is great! And thank you for the tips. You are the one who I noticed that you directed to your online gallery of photography which is fantastic. You are so kind and incredibly helpful! I am indebted. Thank you so very much!! ❤ ❤

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      3. NorCal Zen

        Awesome! Me too, life would be boring if our ability to learn new things stopped at a certain age, don’t you think? Learning is a blessing.

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      4. I never thought of it that way but YES, Learning is a blessing! That would be horrible if learning just suddenly stopped at a certain age! 🙂


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