Weekend Get Away


We had such a great time visiting my daughter and husband last weekend for a fun get away!  We helped my daughter buy a new car which is something she has been working on for months. She wanted a sporty car and more importantly she wanted to learn and own a manual car.  Back in my day it was called a stick shift, but these days most refer to it as manual and the car she bought has a lot of horse power. It’s get up and go is fast and fun to drive. Now her and her husband are practicing in her new Subaru. Photo to follow.

She actually wasn’t planning on buying the car last weekend but I am glad she did since we were there to help her and her dad helped teach her the manual shifting. She actually has some experience, but you know each car is different so it takes some time to get in sync with the new cars clutch and gears. Since she wasn’t exactly planning on buying, she was then unprepared to be practicing, but practice we did and I had a lot of fun watching these young in’s driving their new car. What a fun adventure they are on as they start this new adventure together, she wanted a challenge and I think she got one!


We had such a great time and where they live there are a lot of farms and so we went out on these quiet roads to help them learn to drive their new car. We ended up driving to a small town nearby called Orcutt, and while we were there we went into this cool antique store and had lunch at a great place, Jack’s. We then drove back through the farmland on the quiet back roads so that they could continue practicing their driving. The weather was beautiful and with the recent rains the countryside was so pretty and green! It was just a fabulous weekend and what better way to spend it then with family! ❤ ❤ ❤