It’s March, already?


I had the best visit with my sister who now lives in Idaho. I have to share this photo off of her balcony which I took when I visited, oh my, over a year ago.  I miss her already as these weeks fly by, how is March going so fast? We are getting our winter late this year as much of the country is when I watch the weather reports. We only get rain where I live in Southern California but our local mountains are covered in snow. When a storm comes through with all the rain (which we need desperately) and the shrouded mountains are in the clouds as the weather system moves through, it is the most beautiful sight when the storm moves past to the next state and we are surrounded by these beautiful snow-covered mountains. I love where I live, absolutely beautiful! I’ll have to take some photos and share. Right now there are too many clouds covering the mountains. We truly have the best of both worlds being able to enjoy the beach and its wonderous ocean sounds, to driving to the local mountains where you could ski or snowboard or just play in the snow. Where I live it’s only an hour away in either direction. I think I need to visit both soon.

I can get in a rut, a day-to-day rut where I work, sleep, okay eat too. Tend to my horses and babysit too, I crochet a lot but it’s still not planning a weekend or day off to venture out and do something different. I bet there are many that do the same, right? I’m thankful my daughter and husband moved to California, yes they are a few hours away but we plan on getting together at the end of March (we plan on visiting each other monthly, she’s 3.5 hours away) so it’s not like I am not doing anything. BUT before she moved here we have been really static and not visiting and enjoying more of the earthly pleasures that are not far away! AND there is a lot to do in Southern Cali, yes it can get crowded but we could do things during the week that would help with the crowds. I have to say that I know that is why Southern Calif is so crowded is the weather is unbeatable and there is good work but it is sad that everything is getting so expensive as it makes it so difficult for my grown children to find decent affordable housing. Oh well, that’s for another discussion, for another day….

Now that it is March the blooms in my neglected garden are blooming! We plan on redoing our front yard and still have some roses that are so pretty. I love roses and gardening, which takes love, care and time, lots of time that I don’t have right now. I have so much on my plate, amazing how busy one can get or have I just always been a busy person? I think so. I have a couple plants blooming, the rose smell is just amazing!  🙂