Paying it forward

As we finished up breakfast at our local restaurant the other morning my husband noticed an older gentlemen being seated in a booth near by when he told me what happened the other morning.  My husband often takes his Mom who is in her 80’s out to breakfast and I try to join them once a week.  If I am lucky maybe twice a week as it depends when I get done at work whether or not I will be home in time for breakfast our favorite meal of the day.

He began to tell me how just the other week as this older gentlemen was finishing his breakfast he waved over the manager and told her he wanted to pay for the breakfast for this gentlemen and his wife who my husband knew was a veteran. I love that so many veterans wear ball caps denoting their branch of service and often when we are coming or going around town my husband will get stopped, sometimes with a handshake and a “Thank you for your service” comment. So humbling and thoughtful, so I try to thank others for their service as often as I can. My husband has a very large collection of ball caps and is a Vietnam Vet and served 2 tours in the Air Force before being honorably discharged.

My husband told me that when this older gentlemen went to pay his bill they told him that it had been paid for and my husband could see him looking back into the restaurant and what really got me choked up is as the manager pointed out my husband to this man, he saluted my husband! And then my husband said he stood up and saluted back. Just brings tears to my eyes, these kindred spirits supporting each other knowing that we owe our freedom to men that will lay down their life for all of us in America. I’m so moved by his story as I sat silently listening. He explained that he has had a few meals paid for by others and he told me he wanted to pay it forward. My heart melts, what a good human, I’m humbled and feel he is better than I.

I need to pay it forward one day soon. To give to those who are unexpected and I’ve heard many stories of paying it forward. I love my husband so much and I know he is a kind and loving person. I had no idea he was getting breakfast meals paid for by others until that morning that he shared his story. I felt compelled to share his story and I hope I do it justice as it was so moving to me when he talked about this gentlemen who was a WWII Veteran, my husband did good paying for this gentlemen’s breakfast that day.  God bless our Veterans. ❤