It’s Not Always Easy


I wanted to get a photo of her dapples, those little round circles that show on her shiny coat as she sheds her winter coat. It’s funny as she has more dapples on her right side than on her left.  It’s also interesting that when she does sweat say from a hot day on the trail, one side of her seems to sweat more than the other. It’s not that much different but enough to notice, just like her dapples.  I wanted to share my photos today of my ponies as of course they bring me so much pleasure but it made me think of something I heard talked about the other day on the radio, social media sharing.

The conversation part that I heard them discussing before my ride in the car ended was annoying posts that people make that seem like they are bragging. The news that was reporting this conversation had a psychologist on and she was explaining how to post in a kind way versus bragging. Much like some may post too much information, much to the chagrin of others if that’s what they would like to post, personal issues, I certainly wouldn’t say anything to make them feel badly and of course I want to be as supportive as I can be when it comes to posts that share sad events or things that may happen in people’s lives that clearly are not happy which just may be very personal. So I think there is a gray area there as to what is too personal? To each person this may be different.

The reason I have been thinking about this is as this blog is labeled, It’s not always easy. Life I think is hard. It is difficult for me to think of social media and think, let’s see, I think I’ll post about my sick cat today. (I don’t have a sick cat thankfully, but when my kitty was sick before he went to kitty heaven the last thing I wanted to do is post or talk about it.) BUT we all have sad events that we have to deal with, and not all of us want to share and talk about it but what I do like to post about is my HAPPY things, stuff that makes me smile and brings me pleasure. Because I can’t bring myself to post, Life sucks because I have to work night shift, or that I have to work 40 hours a week, 5 night shifts a week, split days off and my commute sucks! WHO wants to hear all of that? I can’t think that this is fun or helpful or even interesting! YIKES! (I do love my job, see, I am always thinking as positively as possible, it’s just my nature.)  😀

SO here I am posting about my pleasures in life. My horses. I don’t ever want anyone to ever think I am bragging or trying to make anyone feel less of a person or that they have less of a life. I hope and pray that everyone on this Earth finds something they enjoy that they can find happiness. My horses are definitely my therapy and probably only horse enthusiasts can relate to that and of course I do not really believe that all my friends and family feel like I’m bragging (I hope they know I’m not!) or standing taller than anyone else, if you know what I mean. At least I try to be humble about all that I do post. Clearly I post events and some personal like my broken arm that are sad, how devastating. It’s not always easy!

I do hope that as I share my horse stories and my horse photos that they are enjoyable. I know I take so many pictures, my phone is overloaded! I’m thankful for google photos and I think I’m going to print some books. I hope that everyone enjoys my blogs. I so enjoy writing them. I felt compelled to write today, I should write more often and I over think things sometimes and wonder why should I bother. See, negativity can seep in the most optimistic person so I must stop thinking this way. I’ve always wanted to be inspirational, to find that nitch (inspirational writing!) and to be able to help people find that smile. It makes me feel good if I can make others feel good and a smile goes a long way.

This blog isn’t really about horses as much as it’s about human nature. It hasn’t been easy to get where I am today as I have worked very hard all my life to have what I have today. I am 2 1/2 years away from 60 years of age and I am still working full-time so that I can have these horses I adore. I have a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful grown children and an adorable grand-daughter. I am grateful, and totally humbled by the love of my family. They put up with all my wants which is all of my animals. BIG ones and small ones! ❤ ❤ ❤


3 thoughts on “It’s Not Always Easy

  1. I love these photos! And those dapples are visible. She has a wonderful coat. How do you describe the color? Is it a sort of bay roan? There is such a lovely shine to the coat and it looks like a silver grey. Your grey is also a sweet heart!

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    1. Thank you Anne! She is blessed with a short winter coat with no blanketing. So unlike my flea bitten grey who has a coat like a bear. Her color is exactly that, a bay roan. I do love her color as it has a deeper or darker color in the winter with the silvery grey in the spring and summer. I give her extra biotin for her hoofs which I think is helping her coat and shine. And lots of grooming. Thank you for enjoying my photos, and I have to agree that my grey is a sweet heart! ❤

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