Back in the saddle with Zack!


I am so excited to get back in the saddle on Zack! He has come back from laminitis which was diagnosed last year in the Spring and I was not sure he would recover and boy, is he doing great! I am just about all healed with my broken arm, Zack and I have been through a lot this last year and I have been wanting to get back in the saddle and on the trails.  I have been riding him when I can in the arena to get him in shape and I’m finally able to get back on the trails again. 😀

The photo above was one of the first trail rides on Zack a few weeks ago. I went out alone, not far and he was perfect. Him and I are such a great team, as I try to make exercise fun instead of work. He is getting less cranky in the arena as he is a retired show horse so he is not too keen on arena work. Going around and around in circles, just not fun but I have been riding a lot of figure eights and breaking it up and am just walk/trotting. Trying to keep it easy with breaks in between the trotting and believe me, I need the breaks in the posting trot! I finally got to meet up with some barn ladies for a trail ride today and we had a great ride!

I have to thank Jane and Nancy for a great ride today. Zack was so good being in the lead almost the whole way and when he wasn’t in the lead he was so good, he doesn’t care if he is in the lead, in the middle or in the back of the pack. But mostly he led the pack.  Everyone got along famously, not one being bothered by the other and for Nancy it was her first ride back on the trail in over a year, so Congratulations Nancy!! A great trail ride. I didn’t think to take a photo of our ride today so I decided to write this blog. I am so thankful for my horses, and I am so happy I can ride and enjoy both of them. I ride Miss Chloe two to three times a week on trail with my girlfriend Sally and her horse Gracie, and we have wonderful rides! ❤  But I miss riding with others and poor Zack gets left out so I’m going to try to ride him at least twice a week out on the trails.

I have to also say I can’t believe how well my trace clip worked on Zack. I didn’t want to have to do a body clip, partly because it is a lot of work and partly because I didn’t want to have to blanket, so I opted for a trace clip. Today was the first trail ride after I clipped him and it was 75 degrees out and after almost an hour ride near noon I was so shocked when I removed the western saddle and he was barely sweaty! AMAZING! I think the trace clip kept him cool. He sweated where the cinch was and between his legs which is easy to wash off and clean. I’m so incredibly happy with Zack’s trace clip! It may not be perfect, but it’s very functional.  I am so happy, so thankful for my riding horse friends and thankful for my ponies and the time I can spend with them. I have a huge giant smile on my face today! 😀 ❤ 😀 ❤


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