Fun Day!


What a fun day with this gal! This cutie-patutie has been coming to the barn to help me with my horses once a week and it is so fun to have her help. Clearly she is doing a great job helping me spread my shavings in Miss Chloe’s stall! Her Mommy and Daddy are having fun taking lots of photo’s too. Her Mom has a really nice camera, and has taken a lot of really cool photo’s of not only Alice but also of the horses too!

Alice not only helps me with the shavings, she also helps me fill extra water buckets. I like to have the extra buckets filled (they have automatic waters, but the extra water is nice to have since Zack dunks his hay when he eats so his water trough will often be filled with hay!). Her other favorite thing is to help chase them in the arena where they love to run around. Okay, I must admit that at this age she probably has more fun playing in the dirt in the middle of the arena with me, silly girl, fun is fun right? Whether it’s dirt, shavings, water or horses it’s all great FUN! 😀

The other thing Alice really enjoys is helping her Grammy make feed buckets for those cute horses.  She helps put the scoop of food into each bucket then is very good at scooping out the hoof supplements into each bucket. We then add some apple cider vinegar and she helps stir everything together. Then she helps carry the buckets to the stalls and put the food into another bucket that the horses eat out of, yummy. The horses look forward to this little lunch, it’s not a lot but its enough to get their supplements and any meds. I give Miss Chloe Equoxx for her bad back leg, she is doing really well on this med.

I’m so excited that Miss Alice LOVES the barn and the horses. I am hoping that she will someday enjoy learning to ride and I can’t wait to have her share this love that I have and am hoping she will enjoy the work that comes with taking care of horses as it is one thing to love them, but there is a lot of hard work that goes into it as well. It’s a great way to teach responsibility and so it brings much joy that she comes and enjoys the barn. ❤

Unfortunately I was so busy with everything I only took the photos above. My daughter-in-law got some excellent photos of Alice feeding carrots to Chloe, Zack was photo bombing the photo, he he, Zack is so cute. He can’t have carrots because they have too much sugar but I gave him a handful of his feed he can eat so he wasn’t left out! My horses are so incredibly spoiled but they do behave. My daughter-in-law, Amber noticed how Chloe kept pushing Zack aside not letting him near us on the other side of the fence. Chloe is such an alpha mare, very dominant and keeps everyone in their place. Amber is very observant and it is fun to see the horses interact with each other. I find the whole herd dynamics so fascinating.  I try to keep a routine with the horses, and when I differ from that routine, boy, they can get upset but they still mind and behave. I try to get to each of them in a fair manner and they somehow understand that neither are forgotten and sometimes its the others turn.

I thought I would share and found another photo from another day. I feel so blessed and I thank my family so much for sharing these horses with me. It means the world to me, and I get so much joy spending time with both my ponies and my family! ❤ ❤ ❤


Back in the saddle with Zack!


I am so excited to get back in the saddle on Zack! He has come back from laminitis which was diagnosed last year in the Spring and I was not sure he would recover and boy, is he doing great! I am just about all healed with my broken arm, Zack and I have been through a lot this last year and I have been wanting to get back in the saddle and on the trails.  I have been riding him when I can in the arena to get him in shape and I’m finally able to get back on the trails again. 😀

The photo above was one of the first trail rides on Zack a few weeks ago. I went out alone, not far and he was perfect. Him and I are such a great team, as I try to make exercise fun instead of work. He is getting less cranky in the arena as he is a retired show horse so he is not too keen on arena work. Going around and around in circles, just not fun but I have been riding a lot of figure eights and breaking it up and am just walk/trotting. Trying to keep it easy with breaks in between the trotting and believe me, I need the breaks in the posting trot! I finally got to meet up with some barn ladies for a trail ride today and we had a great ride!

I have to thank Jane and Nancy for a great ride today. Zack was so good being in the lead almost the whole way and when he wasn’t in the lead he was so good, he doesn’t care if he is in the lead, in the middle or in the back of the pack. But mostly he led the pack.  Everyone got along famously, not one being bothered by the other and for Nancy it was her first ride back on the trail in over a year, so Congratulations Nancy!! A great trail ride. I didn’t think to take a photo of our ride today so I decided to write this blog. I am so thankful for my horses, and I am so happy I can ride and enjoy both of them. I ride Miss Chloe two to three times a week on trail with my girlfriend Sally and her horse Gracie, and we have wonderful rides! ❤  But I miss riding with others and poor Zack gets left out so I’m going to try to ride him at least twice a week out on the trails.

I have to also say I can’t believe how well my trace clip worked on Zack. I didn’t want to have to do a body clip, partly because it is a lot of work and partly because I didn’t want to have to blanket, so I opted for a trace clip. Today was the first trail ride after I clipped him and it was 75 degrees out and after almost an hour ride near noon I was so shocked when I removed the western saddle and he was barely sweaty! AMAZING! I think the trace clip kept him cool. He sweated where the cinch was and between his legs which is easy to wash off and clean. I’m so incredibly happy with Zack’s trace clip! It may not be perfect, but it’s very functional.  I am so happy, so thankful for my riding horse friends and thankful for my ponies and the time I can spend with them. I have a huge giant smile on my face today! 😀 ❤ 😀 ❤


Fun New Year’s Trip

I can’t believe it is 2018! The time just flies and I think it’s just crazy that we are approaching 2020. I am so happy that my daughter and her husband now live in California within driving distance so we can see each other often. I had a great time in Santa Maria, California at her new house where they live while in the Air Force.  She works at Vandenberg, AFB a Captain now – we are so proud of her accomplishments with her work.

My youngest son and I drove up and spent the weekend. We had a great time playing board games, and my daughter cooking yummy food. We spent Saturday at Solvang, a small quaint Danish town not far from Santa Maria, just south about 20 minutes away. We had a yummy Danish lunch and then walked around the shops and I bought a few souvenirs. I actually bought a new sun hat, I love hats and wanted a new one for my walks. I bought a Danish cookbook which is all about traditional Danish food. Can’t wait to make some of the dishes in this cookbook.  I love the cucumber salad and the red cabbage salad to name a few. Where I bought the cookbook the lady said it was written by the Danish woman who owned the shop. Perfect, down home danish cooking! Can’t wait to get into this cookbook! ❤


I’ve been crazy busy at work and need to write more often. I’m finding it difficult to find time to write my blog! Darn it all, I decided I better get this written and published at least it’s a little something.  I just loved bringing in the New Year spending time with family. I forgot to take a photo of my yummy lunch, but I took a photo of a little dessert from a bakery. It was chocolate dipped cookies and cream and some frangipane desserts.  My daughters treat!  I’m so thankful for my grown children, my middle son did not join us for this trip with his family. Eventually they need to make the trip up to Santa Maria, it was a great time and I know they will have fun there too!  😀