via Daily Prompt: Saintly

I think that this daily word prompt makes me think of Christmas and what it means to give and to try to be even just a little bit saintly.  Synonyms include being holy, godly, pious, religious and the list goes on and although we as humans are not a saint I do believe that a fair share of us would like to lead our lives that would include saintly good morals, innocent and to be sinless. But we are sinners and we do not even come close to living guiltless lives.  We are not spotless, pure or uncorrupted, but we try.  We pray for forgiveness, those that pray and I do believe that our souls will be saved even if we are non-believers – that is me. I know there are lots of opinions and I am not writing to debate religion or saintly people. But this word does evoke emotions of a blessed world and an even hopeful world as we approach Christmas.

I Love Christmas and all that it means. I love the holiday season. Thanksgiving as our family gets together and shares bread and great food. I realize the holidays are painful for some. I have lost both my parents many years ago both ten days apart from each other at the end of this busy season. My dad passed on January 1st and my mom ten days later, how incredibly sad. And it took me years not to let mother’s day and father’s day make me dreadfully sad since mine are gone. It took me years to realize it’s okay when others can call mom or dad and ask for their advice or opinions. I just forge ahead, keep going and making a strong family bond with my children and be there for them. I hope I represent good parenting or the best I can be for them. I try to remain level-headed and steady. I love my family so much, and this word is far from me but I try to be saintly for them.  ❤

As I write this and reminisce, it makes me think of my sister’s and brother. These beautiful people mean so much to me and we all live far apart and so it makes being REALLY close difficult. We have social media which has made it extremely helpful to stay in touch. I’m so thankful for this as traveling seems to not happen as often as I would like. I love to travel but money and time are my enemy. I am hoping to make traveling to visit them all a priority in the coming years. They all have grown children with most of them with grandchildren. Oh how the years fly by as they are all growing so fast. The grandchildren of my siblings don’t really know me since we don’t see each other, this makes me a little sad but it is what it is, I’m sure they know about me – their great Aunt! All I can hope for is to travel more! ❤

I’ll wrap this up by saying that I think there is a little tiny bit of saintliness in each and every person on this Earth.  That somewhere in us we can be great and if we wanted we could change the world! I think if we could focus on this saintly piece in our hearts we could do so much, but it gets lost in all the other stuff we jam into our busy lives and our already overflowing brains. Dig deep and feel saintly, do something kind even if it is a smile. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve made smile when you smile at them and how this warms my heart. Sometimes the little things are the most important. I hope this holiday season brings joy and happiness to all, and that the saints come marching home! (I couldn’t resist!) ❤ ❤ ❤





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