I’m finally feeling healed. I’m so happy as my physical therapy is going well. I have full mobility, almost, just some elbow issues from the tendons needing to be stretched. I’m getting there, I can finally make a pony tail and I actually can braid my hair but it is too short to braid right now. ( I made a small braid just to try it and I was so amazed I could do it!) My scar is pretty minimal and my swelling has finally all gone away.  It took almost 3 months to heal completely.  I guess that isn’t that long, but it was a long painful 3 months! I see my physical therapist next week and she thinks she will be discharging me as I’m doing so well. I imagine I will continue working at home like I do to keep stretching and strengthening. I see the surgeon for the last time next week as well for a final farewell. If he takes another x-ray which I believe he will I’m going to ask if I can take a photo, I would like to have it for posterity if nothing else since I will live with the plate in my arm forever.  🙂

I will ask my doctor if my nerves will heal in time as I do suffer from nerve issues in my hand. It is the last painful thing I deal with along with my elbow if I try to flex my elbow to my shoulder which I need to keep stretching.  All my fingers hurt when I make a fist. They tingle a lot too, so I wonder if I have some nerve damage. Maybe it’s the nerves healing, lets pray as I’m sure in time this will all go away, I’m hoping. I definitely screwed my arm up badly so its no surprise it is not 100% yet, maybe in a year all will be normal. At least I can use my arm, and I’m lifting and carrying more and more with this once injured arm.

I can’t complain, it’s just not exactly the same and may never be after a catastrophic break and dislocation. I’m also very thankful the scar is minimal and that I am able to do all I love to do. I’ve been riding my horses with no issues, I am only walking on them (okay, and trotting a little bit in arena!) they are older and well-behaved. I have been so busy lately that I’m lucky if I ride once a week, so am hoping to get more riding in soon. I have to thank my family for all their care and patience. My coworkers are all amazing too, pitching in and helping me so much, they are all amazing!  ❤

I have to say that I have pondered at great lengths as to why this has happened. I know it’s an accident and accidents are just that, something that just happens.  But my brain needs to find a reason to the chaos, and to keep me focused on getting better and looking forward and not be afraid of accidents.  When something like this happens you definitely do not feel so invincible. All my life I felt like I can do anything, and now I have to think first instead of just reacting or maybe do or take a step in the wrong direction!

I ended up having a preventative test run through my insurance that they pay for called a bone density test. It turns out that I have Osteopenia, which is the beginnings of osteoporosis. I need to take calcium and do more impact exercises to help keep my bones strong. I was counseled and they had a ton of questions, and in the end my fall was from a height and so it was deemed an accident and not weak bone fracture. I fell on my hip too and they x-rayed and it was fine so my bones aren’t that brittle yet.

So I’m looking at this accident as a red flag. That if this didn’t happen I would not have found out that I am at risk for bone loss (It’s very typical at my age and my nationality) and so now I can be preventative and work even harder at getting the exercise and vitamins I need to live a long healthy life. I have to find some reason and this is a great reason in my book. I’m thankful for this knowledge, and am glad I am healing.  😀

I’ve come a long way baby!! ❤





2 thoughts on “Healing

  1. don’t panic about the osteopenia diagnosis. I have been diagnosed with that and then next bone density xray they said I didn’t have it. My doctor has said:” we know didley squat about bone density.” He said people with osteopenia and worse often do not have fractures and people with big bones do. He said my biggest risk for fracture is that I am a “skinny white woman”. Those are his words. ( He is Chinese!) So yes keep up your calcium intake and perhaps do some weight lifting exercises and just enjoy life!

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    1. Oh thank you Anne for your advice! I was a bit freaked out when my test results came back. Good to know it’s not an exact science and am glad to know I’ll be fine! It’s so good to hear I don’t need to panic! ❤

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