Cats are mysterious!


Cats are very mysterious. They are not straight forward like dogs or even horses. Horses are fear and flight animals so for the most part you have a pretty good idea that if they are afraid they are going to run for it but if you can get them to trust you then you can control that fear so they do not run. It is a bit more complicated than that but for the most part, that’s it in a nut shell. Dogs I think are the most loyal animals and if you are a part of their pack, then you are golden. I have had such rewarding relationships with dogs.

Cats? cats…. hmm…. they are individuals in their own right and, well, own the world! I have read so much about them and watched some really interesting shows on cats. I have always loved cats but can’t give them a great review until this kitty, mostly because cats just take care of themselves and when they want to be petted then you need to stop what you are doing and pet them. If you are looking to hug them or pet them, they may very well not want anything to do with you but if you have a dog, I bet you can hug them or pet them any time. I’ve owned many, many cats (and many dogs) that are now in kitty heaven and had wonderful lives. But they make the rules and you are just along for the ride. 🙂

This is Mara, my six pound kitty that I call Mini Kitty. She is so small you can just pick her up with one hand. I’ve never had such a close relationship as I do with this kitty. I find her so mysterious and fun. She is ten years old this year and doing well. I rescued her as a tiny kitten that a friend found and she had so many other cats she wanted to use my shelter in my town so she gave me a call. We had recently lost a kitty to old age and when I went to go get this little kitty she was so tiny I couldn’t believe it. Of course, I asked my husband and he said yes, kind soul, to another kitty. And so off to the vet with this little one and boy, she was a mess. She had ear mites, a respiratory infection an eye infection and a tummy full of worms, so many meds I had to give her. We secluded her from our other kitty until she healed. ❤

I do believe that caring for her at such a young age also created this bond with this cute kitty. She licks me, grooms me really like another kitty. She sleeps on a pillow next to me all night (or day, I work night shift!) and meows loudly when I leave. She does things with me that she does not do with other’s in the family. This is truly my kitty, and I have really never been so attached. Most cats tend to be aloof, at least all the cats I’ve ever owned sure never showed the affection she does, it is amazing! She really has such a unique personality, one I will treasure and remember for the rest of my life. ❤

I love how mysterious kitties seem. I know they have their territories if there is more than one cat. I know they dominate one another or have a pecking order of sorts. My son and daughter-in-law were staying with us for a few months and they have three cats and unfortunately they did not all get along. We tried our best, started out slowly introducing them all to each other and funny thing, this little six pound kitty showed them who was boss! I was surprised until one day one of the other bigger cats decided she’d had enough and went after my Mini kitty. That was it, she never left my room again and so we had to move her food, water and kitty litter in our master bedroom where she would stay until they moved to their new apartment.

It’s been a week since they moved and finally Mini kitty has the run of the house! She took her time to come out of her room. We tried showing her there were no more cats to be afraid of as she hissed in our arms as we walked the house. When we put her down off she ran to her room. But she’s back, looking out the window in the family room as we are doing some deep cleaning. Silly kitty, she melts my heart. ❤


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