We all begin the same. I am sure we all were the most adorable babies on the face of this earth and I am sure or sure hope that all that are reading this were loved dearly by their parents. I know this is not always the case but in my little world that’s how it should be, to have loving parents and grandparents. That unconditional love is what makes you whole and strong. There is so much that we learn from them which includes what is right and wrong, how to love and cherish and to be passionate; there is so much more but you get the idea. I suppose we can learn negative things as well, like hate and prejudices, but I hope that we learn as we grow that negative thinking is not the way to think or lead your life.

This cutie-patutie is so FUN to watch and interact with babysitting. As I get yet another chance to see the world through a childs eyes, it always amazes me. It makes me think of when I was a child and did so many fun things with my parents and siblings. As I am writing this I am thinking about my friends and what they were like as babies, makes me giggle, all of us crawling around and then learning how to walk. Those days go by so fast and then we are young adults and we think we have the world in the palm of our hands. How naive we all were, and to think we knew everything!

We see so many beginnings; maybe its a puppy you just bought or a young horse that you are now training. So many breeders, so many new little ones coming into this world that all have new beginnings. But beginnings can be a new era, or the beginning of a new marriage. It could be a beginning of ideas, like this blogging that I began a few months ago. I am getting such great reward out of sharing my thoughts and feelings. Maybe you are starting a new career, that’s such a huge beginning or moving to a new house or apartment! All beginnings are so exciting, how can they not be?

As I write this my son and family are starting a new beginning in a new apartment they have just rented. How exciting and this little cutie-patutie will have her own room with all her toys and they will have a new beginning in this new space all to themselves. I am so excited for them as I know what it’s like to get that new start. Even if you have had a few new starts, every time it is always filled with excitement. It will also be a lot of hard work moving everything but of course, worth it all!  ❤

It is such a joy watching and living with my family. To be a grandma is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my life and I am so thankful I am a lucky parent to be able to experience being a grandma. I know there are those out there that do not have any children and I totally respect and understand that not everyone has children. Most who I know have different children, like their precious horses and/or puppy dogs. I have those too, they are my other children! I hope that you all have experienced many wonderful beginnings. I know many have suffered loss including me, but when one door closes another opens. We grieve for those we lose, but we honor them and will always remember them. For without those we lose we may have never had the chance to begin, in the beginning……   ❤ ❤ ❤


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