via Daily Prompt: Brave

To be brave is to endure or face unpleasant conditions without showing fear.  When we show courage and moral strength that is being brave and as we face life challenges I think that is when we are the bravest. Being brave can be difficult as there is much to fear. We fear death, failure and being accepted as we are living a life where there is judgment and opinions.  We long for a life of love and of peace and I think we are so brave as we travel through this life on this planet we call Earth.

We each have our own battles that we battle in our own little ways. Whether we struggle with depression, health issues, relationship problems or work problems. We all have to face each day with strength and remember to be brave. I know personally friends and or loved ones that struggle with every issue I just stated and I wish I could help them find their way and find a smile, a good feeling, a tiny bit of happiness and sunshine that would help them lift their spirits. They must reach within themselves and lift themselves up and be brave and face their struggles. I must do the same. As I go through each day I have my struggles and I have to tell myself often, yes, be brave.

I had started this out with my own personal struggles about being brave and how much this word has affected me this year. But I changed my mind and I decided I wanted to be more philosophical as I know so many that struggle to be brave. There really truly is happiness in this world if only all could find it, and that my friends is what is so important to me as I write this blog. I want to bring a smile to your face and to think of the bravest thing you’ve done this year. This is how brave I was this year. 🙂

I overcame my fear of flying across the oceans to a far away place, Australia! I have to thank my daughter and my husband, but it was me who decided to be brave. It took me a year to stop being so scared to travel so far away, as we planned to travel the year before to Europe but it didn’t pan out and I kept telling my daughter to just travel with her father. My fear was great, but I conquered this fear and I feel great. It was an amazing trip.

I had to be brave at work, something I don’t think is usually hard but we moved to a new location and I thought how tough this was going to be. But it all worked out and I found strength and determination to get through it all.

You know I have to mention how brave I’ve needed to be to get through the last two months with my broken arm. What an ordeal, where is Mom when you need her as she shines a smile down from above. But it has healed well, just need to get my full range of motion back to be 100%. The brave men and women in the medical field, they are all our heroes. Healers are special people indeed and very brave.

As I wrap this up I hope you can reflect and find all the brave things you have done this year. There are those that run to danger and are so brave your mouth drops in awe. People who are ready to face and endure danger or pain are incredible and they are usually our firefighters, police officers and often health employees. Maybe being brave is getting married, or having a child. To some, being brave could be getting on a horse, or just walking into a stable and petting one. My Mom was afraid of horses and never came to visit mine when I was young, a shame to me as they are so amazing. Give yourself a pat on the back if you faced danger and you were brave, or overcame a fear and you were brave. I don’t know how I have overcome all that I have, but I am so happy that I was BRAVE!  ❤




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