Pretty Ponies!


All the pretty horses, but the prettiest are our own, right? Of course I’m right. And even though I would love to own a Quarter Horse or a Morgan, I have to love the ponies I have. This pretty girl is my best friends horse Gracie and what is so totally awesome is that Gracie’s best friend is my horse Chloe. They are yin and yang, she’s the Thoroughbred that is wound so tight she gets nervous around other horses. She can jig (slow jog) on the trails and doesn’t like a crowd. She has enough energy for two horses, I call her the ever-ready energizer horsey (instead of bunny!).  She feels safe with my mare, Chloe.


This is Chloe and her best friend is Gracie. Chloe is the calm and quiet mare leading the way most of the time. Funny, if there is a scary thing to ride by on the trail Gracie takes the lead. She isn’t spooked easily, its other horses that seem to bother her more. Chloe is so steady, she doesn’t let any horse bother her on the ride. Gracie can be upset, jigging and jogging and Chloe just walks along as if to say, what’s up Gracie? Why are you upset? or anxious? silly girl.  Chloe just doesn’t feed off this energy which I’m so thankful for and she makes such a nice trail buddy. We just walk on trail which is good to keep the joints moving and blood flowing.  Gracie is 25 years old and Chloe is 13 years old this year. When we are out walking the trails we are amazed how nice and quiet they both are as we chit-chat along…. maybe they enjoy our talks!


All the pretty horses, I couldn’t leave him out. How can I, isn’t he beautiful? He is actually a Warmblood.  He is we think 21 years old this year. Zack has some health issues, but he is best friends with Chloe. By the way, did I tell you how popular Miss Chloe is at the barn? She is liked by many. This gentleman, and he really is a gentleman, calm with a quirky personality. He seems to know when he is nice and clean, struts his stuff walking so regal. Maybe its just he looks so regal because he has that beautiful stride. His most delightful thing he loves to do is blow bubbles in the water bucket. Oh my, he sticks half his head in the bucket and blows away! Too funny, he’s adorable. I wish there were two of me because Chloe and Zack are perfect out on trail together. I’m truly thankful the days my friend can ride Chloe and I ride Zack – her mare Gracie gets a trail day off. I’m truly blessed to have Pretty Ponies! ❤ ❤ ❤

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