via Daily Prompt: Believe

I need to believe in myself as I live in doubt. I struggle with time. Time usually goes too fast, to me it’s achingly slow. I love this word believe, and yet I don’t believe and this makes me sad. I don’t do sad well. So why am I sad? I almost hate to say because my sadness can’t compare with everyone in this world that have or are dealing with catastrophic disasters. There’s a lot of sad things happening in the world today, I suppose that makes me sad. I pray for everyone and I don’t want to make a laundry list of all the sadness, wait the word I’m writing about is believe not sadness – I digress.

To believe is to have a firm conviction, to feel the goodness and honesty in ones thoughts and behaviours. I do feel that this is a very powerful positive word to use as one should feel better if they believe. For instance, if I wanted to diet I would believe that I would lose weight. If I wanted to have an enjoyable ride on my horse I would then believe that my good training will provide a nice and quiet ride. Because I believe that the power of positive thinking can turn ones mood and thoughts around this is why I am writing about believing – believe in yourself, do you know how important you are? Do I know how important I am? I need to believe! ❤

As I write this I am struck with the thought that I am struggling with an accident that has taken its toll on my strength and stamina. I’m plain worn out which makes me sad. I falter with caring as I find myself saying, “I don’t care” about things at work. I don’t care about this, that and the other thing but long-term pain and discomfort can take its toll. So I saw this word and when I see it and say it – I have to say – it warms my heart, Believe.

And there my friends you have it in a nut shell. Putting a smile on my face I can say I believe I will heal and I believe I will feel better by knowing that the pain will subside but will my arm ever be the same? I don’t know, but I will try to believe it will be normal one day. Stay strong I tell myself every day and Believe.  ❤






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