via Daily Prompt: Genius

The first thing I thought of when I read this word Genius, was my father.  I have always thought of him as a genius.  He was a Psychiatrist and a Neurologist, a very successful physician in his day.  He was an accomplished pianist playing the most beautiful pieces, Claire de lune comes to mind, by Claude Debussy.  I was always mesmerized as I watched his huge hands float across the keyboard so effortlessly.  He was amazing and he was the most generous, gentle soul and of course the best father one could ever ask for – we were all so lucky to have him in our lives.  ❤

He was so funny! Being a genius means that you are so darn smart that the simple things are difficult.  The common sense thing he lacked, which usually made us children giggle. He couldn’t boil water, nor could he cook not even on the barbecue.  He could pour himself cereal, make toast and his most favorite was his plate of horderves.  It was a simple plate, olives, a few different types of pickles, slices of ham and cheeses and of course crackers.  Maybe a little mayo for dipping.  My family reading this should remember this well, we giggle as this was one of his favorite snacks. Of course he was from an era where the women did all the cooking, and he brought home the bacon as they use to say! Miss him so very much. He’ll always be my genius!

I can’t say something about my father without mentioning my mother. These two I miss greatly.  I read that the sound of your mother’s voice actually reduces stress, I miss your voice Mom. I miss having someone to lean on, to ask questions. How have I made it all these years without you Mom and Dad, we all have to survive. Now we are the Mom and Dad and have to look forward not back.  I don’t reminisce about them much, I think I have made a special place for them in my heart and I’ve cornered off a section of brain which contains all my memories and tucked it away. I do this so that I can think about them in a way so that I can relish my memories without falling apart. I love them so and miss them more, and so if I think about them it can be overwhelming so I keep them in my special place in my heart and brain.  Hard to explain, but this is how I live. Thinking about them for this post conjures many emotions but I wanted to spend some time remembering.

My Mom was a genius marrying my Dad. I want to tell so many stories but I think I’ll save them for another post. There is six kids in our family and boy, there are many memories to share. I think I can say that I know I’m not a genius but I’m so fortunate to be from such a loving, caring family.  Thank you Mom and Dad for everything!  ❤



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