Musings of the barn


The barn is my sanctuary, a place that I can enjoy these two horses.  They are best friends my boy Zack and Miss Chloe. This was before I broke my arm.  I’m getting better but can’t lead them together yet. Love this photo!  ❤ 


Zack just loves the pomegranate’s.  After some exercise in the arena he spent the next 20 minutes eating or should I say picking treats from the trees!  As I groomed him after his turn out I had to look twice at the red juice, thinking what did he cut? Haha, just pomegranate stains on his white coat! Silly boy!  😀


He is in love with the pomegranate trees!  ❤ 

This silly girl just wants treats.  Every time I try to take a photo she’s trying to give me a kiss. She is so darn cute, so much personality.  I just kept clicking away! She’s my girl I love so much.  She always makes me smile. Today she made me laugh!  😀


CHLOE! You are to close! HAHA, she is persistent! ❤

What a lovely day at the barn. I am so thankful for these two ponies as they keep me grounded.  I had fun with these silly photos! and the good photos too!

Diana ❤

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