We all begin the same. I am sure we all were the most adorable babies on the face of this earth and I am sure or sure hope that all that are reading this were loved dearly by their parents. I know this is not always the case but in my little world that’s how it should be, to have loving parents and grandparents. That unconditional love is what makes you whole and strong. There is so much that we learn from them which includes what is right and wrong, how to love and cherish and to be passionate; there is so much more but you get the idea. I suppose we can learn negative things as well, like hate and prejudices, but I hope that we learn as we grow that negative thinking is not the way to think or lead your life.

This cutie-patutie is so FUN to watch and interact with babysitting. As I get yet another chance to see the world through a childs eyes, it always amazes me. It makes me think of when I was a child and did so many fun things with my parents and siblings. As I am writing this I am thinking about my friends and what they were like as babies, makes me giggle, all of us crawling around and then learning how to walk. Those days go by so fast and then we are young adults and we think we have the world in the palm of our hands. How naive we all were, and to think we knew everything!

We see so many beginnings; maybe its a puppy you just bought or a young horse that you are now training. So many breeders, so many new little ones coming into this world that all have new beginnings. But beginnings can be a new era, or the beginning of a new marriage. It could be a beginning of ideas, like this blogging that I began a few months ago. I am getting such great reward out of sharing my thoughts and feelings. Maybe you are starting a new career, that’s such a huge beginning or moving to a new house or apartment! All beginnings are so exciting, how can they not be?

As I write this my son and family are starting a new beginning in a new apartment they have just rented. How exciting and this little cutie-patutie will have her own room with all her toys and they will have a new beginning in this new space all to themselves. I am so excited for them as I know what it’s like to get that new start. Even if you have had a few new starts, every time it is always filled with excitement. It will also be a lot of hard work moving everything but of course, worth it all!  ❤

It is such a joy watching and living with my family. To be a grandma is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my life and I am so thankful I am a lucky parent to be able to experience being a grandma. I know there are those out there that do not have any children and I totally respect and understand that not everyone has children. Most who I know have different children, like their precious horses and/or puppy dogs. I have those too, they are my other children! I hope that you all have experienced many wonderful beginnings. I know many have suffered loss including me, but when one door closes another opens. We grieve for those we lose, but we honor them and will always remember them. For without those we lose we may have never had the chance to begin, in the beginning……   ❤ ❤ ❤



via Daily Prompt: Identity

Who am I? I am a mother, a daughter, a grandma and a supervisor. I’m a friend, a wife and a sister, but who am I? As I struggle to answer this question it is the fact of being who or what a person or thing is….

I was asked recently if it was my birthday this last weekend which indeed it was and I had decided sometime earlier this year to remove completely my birthday information on social media. I don’t know if it was because the social media can sometimes take over my life or if less is more? Or maybe because I wanted to just be around without having people fuss over things. I’m not sure my motivation, but I didn’t do it to hurt anyones feelings as clearly this is part of my identity. I guess it just doesn’t seem important to have to say happy birthday each year, as that was what I was thinking when I removed that information.

What is identity? what defines us? I know for everyone it is very different. My love for my horses defines me as I’ve loved horses all my life. My family defines me, with three children and a wonderful husband and extended family. Now I have a wonderful daughter-in-law and son-in-law and of course a darling granddaughter. They all fill my life with such joy and happiness, they define my identity.

My identity definitely includes my work. I’ve been in the medical field for 35 years working in a laboratory. I’ve been doing this job for so many years I can do it in my sleep. My identity is a laboratory worker, and I’ve been doing this in a Veterinary reference laboratory helping Veterinarians across the country running blood work so they can make diagnosis for sick animals. This is my identity, what makes me tick and what makes me whole. Crazy I’ve been in this field doing what I do, day in and day out for 35 years.

I’ve pondered this question many times in this life. I’ve come across forks in the road of my life that would have affected my identity if I had chosen that path instead of the one I took. One of these forks was I could have moved to Idaho with my horse trainer back in the 80’s. How my identity would have been so different from my identity of today. I would have been an avid dressage rider, maybe even a trainer as my whole world would have been 100% horses and horse training. But I chose to stay at home and go to college and work in a laboratory. So strange how life turns out, to look back and ponder….

I will conclude that I truly LOVE my identity. Even though I believe your identity includes things you love and do, and everything I do in my life is what I want it to be even though my life didn’t include say being a horse trainer. I am fortunate to have horses in my life, that my family especially my husband understands my horses define me and my identity and is so important to me and this is the most amazing thing and I’m thankful and humbled by his love and understanding. ❤



via Daily Prompt: Brave

To be brave is to endure or face unpleasant conditions without showing fear.  When we show courage and moral strength that is being brave and as we face life challenges I think that is when we are the bravest. Being brave can be difficult as there is much to fear. We fear death, failure and being accepted as we are living a life where there is judgment and opinions.  We long for a life of love and of peace and I think we are so brave as we travel through this life on this planet we call Earth.

We each have our own battles that we battle in our own little ways. Whether we struggle with depression, health issues, relationship problems or work problems. We all have to face each day with strength and remember to be brave. I know personally friends and or loved ones that struggle with every issue I just stated and I wish I could help them find their way and find a smile, a good feeling, a tiny bit of happiness and sunshine that would help them lift their spirits. They must reach within themselves and lift themselves up and be brave and face their struggles. I must do the same. As I go through each day I have my struggles and I have to tell myself often, yes, be brave.

I had started this out with my own personal struggles about being brave and how much this word has affected me this year. But I changed my mind and I decided I wanted to be more philosophical as I know so many that struggle to be brave. There really truly is happiness in this world if only all could find it, and that my friends is what is so important to me as I write this blog. I want to bring a smile to your face and to think of the bravest thing you’ve done this year. This is how brave I was this year. 🙂

I overcame my fear of flying across the oceans to a far away place, Australia! I have to thank my daughter and my husband, but it was me who decided to be brave. It took me a year to stop being so scared to travel so far away, as we planned to travel the year before to Europe but it didn’t pan out and I kept telling my daughter to just travel with her father. My fear was great, but I conquered this fear and I feel great. It was an amazing trip.

I had to be brave at work, something I don’t think is usually hard but we moved to a new location and I thought how tough this was going to be. But it all worked out and I found strength and determination to get through it all.

You know I have to mention how brave I’ve needed to be to get through the last two months with my broken arm. What an ordeal, where is Mom when you need her as she shines a smile down from above. But it has healed well, just need to get my full range of motion back to be 100%. The brave men and women in the medical field, they are all our heroes. Healers are special people indeed and very brave.

As I wrap this up I hope you can reflect and find all the brave things you have done this year. There are those that run to danger and are so brave your mouth drops in awe. People who are ready to face and endure danger or pain are incredible and they are usually our firefighters, police officers and often health employees. Maybe being brave is getting married, or having a child. To some, being brave could be getting on a horse, or just walking into a stable and petting one. My Mom was afraid of horses and never came to visit mine when I was young, a shame to me as they are so amazing. Give yourself a pat on the back if you faced danger and you were brave, or overcame a fear and you were brave. I don’t know how I have overcome all that I have, but I am so happy that I was BRAVE!  ❤




Fall, the best time of year!


I can’t believe it’s October and where I live it has been in the 90’s every day the last few weeks.  I absolutely love fall for so many reasons.  I swear the air seems to change as the days come and go into September and October.  We don’t have the seasons like some states since we have very mild weather here in California but you still can tell it’s fall. Fall brings shorter days as we move towards winter.  That makes my life easier since I work the night shift and sleep in the afternoons, so the sun going down early is great. I can’t imagine working the night shift up north or say in Alaska where the days are so long.  I would not like that at all.

I love fall because my birthday lands in the fall. Not that I’m counting my birthdays, can we count backwards? I can’t believe I’m approaching 60 years of age! NO! how in the world can this be? and yet I feel like I’m 30 at the most, isn’t that true with you all who are growing old? But wait, my feet hurt after 8 to 10 hours on the job and my fingers are getting a bit arthritic.  How can we wake and walk to the rest room like we are 90? Haha, we are getting old. Anyone reading this who is younger than 50 may just not finish my blog.  I hope I’m not boring the young folks out there, to be young again! We are young at heart, that I know for sure! ❤

I also love fall because it means time with family as Thanksgiving and Christmas are near. I love the holidays even though my children are all grown. I try to get something together for the holidays, bake cookies or make something to send to family. Some years I love it more than others, this year will be interesting and I hope fun with a little grandchild around.

This year will be so exciting as my daughter who is in the Air Force is moving closer to home! We are so excited and we are hoping she will make it home for Thanksgiving. If not of course we understand, she is waiting on her orders to come through. Positive thoughts that her plans go through and she will make it the week before Thanksgiving. She has been away from home for 10 years now, I do miss her and finally she will be here in California for at least the next 3 years.


We visit often and I miss her terribly. This was taken in the fall a couple of years ago on a trip to Idaho to visit my sister.  We had such a great time there, this photo brings back such great memories. I love the wind in our hair, such fall weather! We are actually in Montana visiting there and stopped to have this photo taken. We need to plan more trips, how the time gets away from us and the days and time just keeps ticking by. But we will get there eventually and visit family and have more fun vacations! Am thankful for my family, you make me whole and well-loved and I love you more. ❤ ❤ ❤


Pretty Ponies!


All the pretty horses, but the prettiest are our own, right? Of course I’m right. And even though I would love to own a Quarter Horse or a Morgan, I have to love the ponies I have. This pretty girl is my best friends horse Gracie and what is so totally awesome is that Gracie’s best friend is my horse Chloe. They are yin and yang, she’s the Thoroughbred that is wound so tight she gets nervous around other horses. She can jig (slow jog) on the trails and doesn’t like a crowd. She has enough energy for two horses, I call her the ever-ready energizer horsey (instead of bunny!).  She feels safe with my mare, Chloe.


This is Chloe and her best friend is Gracie. Chloe is the calm and quiet mare leading the way most of the time. Funny, if there is a scary thing to ride by on the trail Gracie takes the lead. She isn’t spooked easily, its other horses that seem to bother her more. Chloe is so steady, she doesn’t let any horse bother her on the ride. Gracie can be upset, jigging and jogging and Chloe just walks along as if to say, what’s up Gracie? Why are you upset? or anxious? silly girl.  Chloe just doesn’t feed off this energy which I’m so thankful for and she makes such a nice trail buddy. We just walk on trail which is good to keep the joints moving and blood flowing.  Gracie is 25 years old and Chloe is 13 years old this year. When we are out walking the trails we are amazed how nice and quiet they both are as we chit-chat along…. maybe they enjoy our talks!


All the pretty horses, I couldn’t leave him out. How can I, isn’t he beautiful? He is actually a Warmblood.  He is we think 21 years old this year. Zack has some health issues, but he is best friends with Chloe. By the way, did I tell you how popular Miss Chloe is at the barn? She is liked by many. This gentleman, and he really is a gentleman, calm with a quirky personality. He seems to know when he is nice and clean, struts his stuff walking so regal. Maybe its just he looks so regal because he has that beautiful stride. His most delightful thing he loves to do is blow bubbles in the water bucket. Oh my, he sticks half his head in the bucket and blows away! Too funny, he’s adorable. I wish there were two of me because Chloe and Zack are perfect out on trail together. I’m truly thankful the days my friend can ride Chloe and I ride Zack – her mare Gracie gets a trail day off. I’m truly blessed to have Pretty Ponies! ❤ ❤ ❤


via Daily Prompt: Believe

I need to believe in myself as I live in doubt. I struggle with time. Time usually goes too fast, to me it’s achingly slow. I love this word believe, and yet I don’t believe and this makes me sad. I don’t do sad well. So why am I sad? I almost hate to say because my sadness can’t compare with everyone in this world that have or are dealing with catastrophic disasters. There’s a lot of sad things happening in the world today, I suppose that makes me sad. I pray for everyone and I don’t want to make a laundry list of all the sadness, wait the word I’m writing about is believe not sadness – I digress.

To believe is to have a firm conviction, to feel the goodness and honesty in ones thoughts and behaviours. I do feel that this is a very powerful positive word to use as one should feel better if they believe. For instance, if I wanted to diet I would believe that I would lose weight. If I wanted to have an enjoyable ride on my horse I would then believe that my good training will provide a nice and quiet ride. Because I believe that the power of positive thinking can turn ones mood and thoughts around this is why I am writing about believing – believe in yourself, do you know how important you are? Do I know how important I am? I need to believe! ❤

As I write this I am struck with the thought that I am struggling with an accident that has taken its toll on my strength and stamina. I’m plain worn out which makes me sad. I falter with caring as I find myself saying, “I don’t care” about things at work. I don’t care about this, that and the other thing but long-term pain and discomfort can take its toll. So I saw this word and when I see it and say it – I have to say – it warms my heart, Believe.

And there my friends you have it in a nut shell. Putting a smile on my face I can say I believe I will heal and I believe I will feel better by knowing that the pain will subside but will my arm ever be the same? I don’t know, but I will try to believe it will be normal one day. Stay strong I tell myself every day and Believe.  ❤







via Daily Prompt: Genius

The first thing I thought of when I read this word Genius, was my father.  I have always thought of him as a genius.  He was a Psychiatrist and a Neurologist, a very successful physician in his day.  He was an accomplished pianist playing the most beautiful pieces, Claire de lune comes to mind, by Claude Debussy.  I was always mesmerized as I watched his huge hands float across the keyboard so effortlessly.  He was amazing and he was the most generous, gentle soul and of course the best father one could ever ask for – we were all so lucky to have him in our lives.  ❤

He was so funny! Being a genius means that you are so darn smart that the simple things are difficult.  The common sense thing he lacked, which usually made us children giggle. He couldn’t boil water, nor could he cook not even on the barbecue.  He could pour himself cereal, make toast and his most favorite was his plate of horderves.  It was a simple plate, olives, a few different types of pickles, slices of ham and cheeses and of course crackers.  Maybe a little mayo for dipping.  My family reading this should remember this well, we giggle as this was one of his favorite snacks. Of course he was from an era where the women did all the cooking, and he brought home the bacon as they use to say! Miss him so very much. He’ll always be my genius!

I can’t say something about my father without mentioning my mother. These two I miss greatly.  I read that the sound of your mother’s voice actually reduces stress, I miss your voice Mom. I miss having someone to lean on, to ask questions. How have I made it all these years without you Mom and Dad, we all have to survive. Now we are the Mom and Dad and have to look forward not back.  I don’t reminisce about them much, I think I have made a special place for them in my heart and I’ve cornered off a section of brain which contains all my memories and tucked it away. I do this so that I can think about them in a way so that I can relish my memories without falling apart. I love them so and miss them more, and so if I think about them it can be overwhelming so I keep them in my special place in my heart and brain.  Hard to explain, but this is how I live. Thinking about them for this post conjures many emotions but I wanted to spend some time remembering.

My Mom was a genius marrying my Dad. I want to tell so many stories but I think I’ll save them for another post. There is six kids in our family and boy, there are many memories to share. I think I can say that I know I’m not a genius but I’m so fortunate to be from such a loving, caring family.  Thank you Mom and Dad for everything!  ❤



Musings of the barn


The barn is my sanctuary, a place that I can enjoy these two horses.  They are best friends my boy Zack and Miss Chloe. This was before I broke my arm.  I’m getting better but can’t lead them together yet. Love this photo!  ❤ 


Zack just loves the pomegranate’s.  After some exercise in the arena he spent the next 20 minutes eating or should I say picking treats from the trees!  As I groomed him after his turn out I had to look twice at the red juice, thinking what did he cut? Haha, just pomegranate stains on his white coat! Silly boy!  😀


He is in love with the pomegranate trees!  ❤ 

This silly girl just wants treats.  Every time I try to take a photo she’s trying to give me a kiss. She is so darn cute, so much personality.  I just kept clicking away! She’s my girl I love so much.  She always makes me smile. Today she made me laugh!  😀


CHLOE! You are to close! HAHA, she is persistent! ❤

What a lovely day at the barn. I am so thankful for these two ponies as they keep me grounded.  I had fun with these silly photos! and the good photos too!

Diana ❤