A Thankful Heart


My best friend makes these beautiful necklaces that I love.  I’m not sure how she does it as she shrinks each image to fit in this adorable square pendant.  She has made me necklaces of my horses, and many bible quotes and sayings.  So many encouraging words and I’m so appreciative that she made this one that she gave to me this week.  It’s really pretty in person, my photo doesn’t do it justice but I love to include photo’s when I can.

“A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart” really hit home for me as I’ve been struggling with so many emotions this last month. I have been pushing sadness, depression and negative thoughts as far back in my head as I can, but they rear their ugly head anyways.  I’ve written a lot about my plight with my broken arm, but I usually share as positive spin on my ordeal as I can but of course life is not all sunshine and happiness we must also deal with disappointment, negative feelings and emotions. I know we all have our own personal struggles, some life threatening and hard like cancers, others emotional and just as difficult and life changing as divorce.  No matter what we are all facing or trying to overcome a positive approach is the healthiest and best way to see our world.

Not only have I been struggling with my own health issues lately, I’ve also been struggling with friendships. As this year has unfolded month after month different events have occurred where miscommunications and just different personalities have clashed and so feelings have been hurt and a lot of pain and anguish emotionally affected us all who have been struggling with friendships.  Those that know me well will understand but we’ve come full circle and I believe that my girlfriends pendant really shown through as my heart feels healthy as amends have been made and communication renewed. So my heart is now happy and even though I’ll feel sad sometimes because I’m human I just have to tell myself I’m loved, I’m not alone and so stop feeling sorry for myself. I’m thankful for my friends that I’ve struggled with and am glad all has been worked out. All my friends are awesome, I feel blessed.


Here are a few more pendants. I have others that are awesome too, but these touch my heart as the two outside ones are photo’s of my ponies. The middle one is hard to read but says “Ride More, Worry Less” something I’m working on as I am mending and can’t wait to ride someday sooner than later. I don’t have a date yet when I’ll be able to ride but this weekend will be a month since my accident.  I’m sure it will be some months before I’m healed enough for the saddle.

I’m back to work with limits from my doctor not to use my right arm. I’m still in pain as not only did I shatter my wrist but I tore many ligaments and tendons. The aches and pain gets frustrating to endure, so I’m staying on pain meds as best as I can. I know each week I’m that much better but it feels like a long arduous road. I’m blessed with a wonderful team of employees who work for me in the Vet Lab as they help me through this trying time. And I have always thanked and will thank them again all my family close and far away.  The support has been amazing. So I can say to all to open your heart, be Thankful  and I promise you will have a Happy Heart! 


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