Remembering Idaho

I’m reminded of our trip we took a year ago to my sister’s new house in Idaho this time last September. My daughter, my best friend and I planned a trip to visit my sister and her husband in northern Idaho where they have settled in after living their lives in southern California. And can I say WOW! What an absolutely beautiful place. It is just gorgeous and we all had a blast.  The pretty ladies above including myself went on a few adventures, one included going on this incredible scary swinging bridge in Montana.  Well, I was extremely afraid as I’m scared of heights and this swinging bridge crossed a river. The area was beautiful and of course I was my dramatic self telling everyone I was going to die if I crossed the bridge. I didn’t die. It still was scary.  I made it and I’m proud to say I conquered my fear on this day!  🙂


Okay, so this doesn’t look that scary, but trust me it moves when you walk on it.  And I had to walk back across! Haha, I don’t know how I survived! There were a lot of fisherman out catching fish, can’t remember what kind because I was too preoccupied with that darn bridge. We took another adventure to my brother-in-law uncles farm on the Canadian border.  He has a huge apple orchard and we got to pick apples and we made homemade applesauce. YUM!

Shhh… not far from the apple orchards we stopped at a cemetery and we walked across the border into Canada.  The small post designates Canada with my sister photo bombing my photo! My daughter did not come with us on this adventure but she got to enjoy all the apples we picked.  My sister has a couple of All-terrain vehicles that we took up a mountain road not far from her house. What a view!

We all got a turn driving and what a blast! I’ve never ridden in one let alone drive one and I know those of you that have All-terrain vehicle’s know exactly how FUN they are and it doesn’t matter if you’re in the desert or the mountains what fun toys (I call them) to have around.  My sister definitely made our trip fun.  We played board games, cooked good food.  We saw amazing sights and she even challenged my fears.  We talked into the night and got caught up on our busy lives. We giggled, we laughed, we had a blast! I need to plan another trip. How can it be a year ago we were there? I have so much traveling I want to do, how long before I’ll return? Maybe I can get our little group to visit again, or maybe I’ll get my hubby to come along the next time.  I’ll never forget my first trip to Idaho.  ❤


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