My Cutie Patutie

I’m going to be the most obnoxious grandma, as I brag and love this beautiful baby girl. She’s actually a toddler now growing so fast – right before our eyes!  She’s getting so tall, has the longest legs, will she be a dancer someday?  I wonder.  She has the most amazing little personality, loving animals as you can see here.  These pups are more than half her size, she shows no fear.  My goodness she is the most adorable, beautiful granddaughter one could ever ask for, she’s amazing. Okay, bragging done.  I just had to share as she is so fun to be around and I’m so thankful I can be a part of this little young ones life. Truly a gift.

My pups are amazing, so kind and gentle. Our house is so full, full of life and animals! We have a full house as we are helping my son, wife and their beautiful little girl.  It reminds me of when I was growing up with a house full of 6 kids. So many memories from days gone by, something I’d love to share someday, but not today.  I can hear her giggling as she runs around the house. In her mommies room she runs. Giggling past me she scurries off to papa’s room. She’s got 5 adults attention including my youngest son. He’s here too, finishing college.

One day my house will be empty, don’t think about that now I say to myself. My dream is for my immediate family to all live a stones throw away from each other. Okay, the same state would be nice, a blessing, a dream! So dream I will. I dream of a ranch for my horses. How about a huge ranch with multiple houses for my family, and their families. Let’s dream BIG! Maybe someday, my dreams will come true. I’ll never stop dreaming, will you?  ❤

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