Australia – What an adventure

This has been an adventurous year! I want to highlight my first trip ever to Australia. This was such a huge accomplishment for me as I’ve never traveled so far before.  I’m not afraid to fly and have flown and visited many states in the U.S.  It’s just the thought of flying for all those hours was very disconcerting to me, and then the whole process of it all was overwhelming.  Getting a passport was a bit of an ordeal, we barely got mine in time.  My hubby and daughter already had theirs.  If I can encourage you to do something outside your comfort zone I highly recommend you try! It was so amazing and I had a blast in Australia!  These photos were taken in Sydney and Adelaide, the two places we visited.

I took so many photos I’m only sharing a few here. We took a short cruise to King George Island – I am not positive it was this island, my daughter would remember. Dang, am I getting old? I just have a lot of stuff in my brain, haha, I’m pretty sure I’m correct.  Either way we had yummy fish and chips for lunch. The beaches were beautiful there.  It was so fun seeing Sydney from the water, such a beautiful city.  In Adelaide we met my daughter’s college friend who was stationed there. My daughter is in the Air Force and has many friends around the world. My hubby and I are looking cool at a restaurant in Adelaide. We went to the zoo in Sydney, but our favorite was the wild animal park in Adelaide.  That’s where we got to feed and pet the wallaby and kangaroo. The best was the Koala. We were able to get up close and pet the Koala. I loved the huge eucalyptus trees that are everywhere, I took a photo in the wild animal park.

The most amazing thing for me was how odd it is to actually be in a place where they drive on the wrong side of the road!  I just couldn’t get use to it. Even the people on the side walks walked on the wrong side. It is strange to me!

I LOVED their coffees. Oh my, all the coffees we ordered were fantastic and I’ve never tasted such good coffee. They also don’t serve a black cup of joe anywhere. You could order a black cup of coffee but you don’t get a never-ending cup! CRAZY. I truly miss their coffee.

If I could encourage you and be inspirational it would be to follow your dreams and to step outside your comfort zone.  I’m so fortunate that my daughter encouraged me to travel and to reach out beyond my comfort zone. I made it, I enjoyed it and I had the time of my life! And the trip had its ups and downs. I sprained my ankle in the wild animal park. I was so embarrassed as I fell. I didn’t see the pothole as we went through gates from one pen to the next. Down I went, ouch, not fun but I survived. An adventure isn’t always perfect but it was so exciting and I had a blast with my family!

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