Trail Rides


I can’t wait to trail ride again. This summer was filled with really fun trail rides around our horse town in Norco, CA. The horse on the left is my good friends and he is only 5 years old but he is doing great on the trails.  He is a Morgan and has a sensible mind. Most of the time, Irish is a really good boy. Then I’m in the middle on Chloe my bay roan who is a seasoned trail horse with many trail miles.  She is an alpha mare and usually calms the herd of however many horses in the group.  She’s extremely sensible, such a pleasurable trail horse! To the right is my best friend who I’ve known since elementary school. Her mare is a seasoned trail horse too, she just is always in a hurry to get home, silly girl. We had a great ride on this day. Haha, Gracie is sticking her tongue out at us, couldn’t photograph that easily if you tried!


This trail ride was a blast too! All our trail rides are fun.  But sometimes things happen making the trail ride challenging.  There might be something scary our horses need to get by like those jumpy houses for party’s.  We pass many homes and there can be a dog or dogs in a yard hiding in the shade or just running to the fence barking. Horses will spook, but if you can get the dog to move sooner you can support your horse and get by with little trouble. The more barking dogs the more the horses get used to them.  A Norco trail horse is one of the most desensitized trail horses you can buy, I highly recommend them!


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