Apple Picking Day

What a beautiful day today in sunny California as we headed to our local mountains for apple season fresh picked apples. It brought back memories when I visited my sister in Idaho and we went apple picking at my brother-in-laws Uncle’s apple farm a year ago. We decided to just pick spartan apples and I couldn’t wait to eat this fresh picked apple. So juicy and sweet, I picked just over 1/2 pound. I would have picked more but I knew I needed other yummy treats from Oak Glen.

My bestest friend joined my nephew and I on our excursion. We had a wonderful lunch at Law’s Oak Glen Coffee shop. Our lunch was really good but what was to die for was my nephew’s apple pie he ordered. AMAZING! And I’m thankful he shared! Fresh apple pie with fresh apples just can’t be duplicated and they drizzle the pie with this scrumptious apple cinnamon syrup. The pie had crumbles on top, melting in our mouth. I’m drooling thinking about it, it was that good!

The weather was perfect and I was thankful a little cooler in the mountains. I splurged and bought, apple butter, pumpkin butter, peach preserves, blackberry Honeywood Mead and apple chutney. I know there may be many who have farms who would make all these items but for a busy person like myself I don’t mind helping our local farmers. Fills my heart with joy and fills my tummy with sumptuousness! What fun places do you visit on a one day excursion?  I would love to hear from you. I’m thankful for my friends and family who have lifted my spirits in this time of healing for me. I’m exhausted, but it’s a good exhausted.


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