via Daily Prompt: Recreate

I love to crochet, I love crafts in general but I have the most fun recreating these adorable Star Wars figures.  There are so many more I want to make.  I suppose the word create would probably be more accurate, but wait, no, I’m not creating these out of my imagination – I’m following a pattern so I’m recreating what the author of the pattern intended.  I’m definitely a pattern recreator crochet addict that loves to crochet animals, especially horses, and scarfs, blankets, baby items anything I think is cute and adorable. Useful would fall into the pretty catagory, and I like to mix it up crocheting useful items and just for fun items, but of course my favorite are the fun projects like Winnie the Pooh and his friend Piglet! I must make the rest of these Star Wars characters but first my arm needs to heal. Hmm… I can move my fingers pretty well, may be I can manipulate the crochet hook enough with my injured arm to crochet. It can’t hurt to try! Wait, it might hurt to try, literally, so I guess I won’t know unless I try. I can’t wait to recreate!



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