Missing My Girl

I miss my girl so much even though I’ve seen her through-out the last 12 days since my accident when I fell and broke my arm. I have friends and family who are so kind in bringing me to the barn as I dote on her the best I can.  My dear friends have helped me with my ponies filling water buckets (they have auto-maticwaterers, but we like to have extra water available which I watched my other horse Zack blow bubbles in today!) They are doing fine but I wonder if my beautiful bay roan may be a bit sad.

Our routine is gone. What was once a daily routine of turn outs and trail rides are over for months to come as I heal.  I think my girl misses our routine as she is not finishing her hay or grain and seems to hang her head a little. I’m thankful for her nuzzling today as my girlfriend took the photos above. I need a new routine.

So my plan going forward is to be driven to the stables each day until I’m able to drive myself to create a new routine for myself and my ponies.  I may need some help and am thankful for the friends around that can help me. I plan on spending time getting them exercised in arena and then lots of grooming.  I am going to work on some ground arena work with them to get them thinking and to learn some extra ground companionship. A lot of ideas are popping up into my mind. I love a challenge, so am looking forward to my new routine. I can’t wait to research this topic as well, any good ground training tips are welcome, please let me know. These are older horses, 13 years old and 21 years old. But they are never too old to learn new tricks I always say!

I’m feeling better already thinking about the days that lie ahead. I was starting to feel sorry for myself, it’s easy to do when you have an accident and your life is turned upside down. I’m extremely independent so it is a bit difficult to ask for help. I know I keep thanking everyone probably annoyingly, but it makes me feel better. I’ll try and thank more appropriately so I don’t drive everyone nuts! I know I would be right there helping my friends but its still hard to face this new adventure. Its going to take time to get into my groove. Can’t wait for some normalcy. It’s definitely weeks if not months away.


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