As I stare at this beautiful photo of a stream up in Idaho where my sister now lives makes me thirsty for her company.  She use to live six miles from me, now it feels like 6,000 miles away. I have four sisters and one brother and we all live far from each other and we all have grown children and almost all of us have grandchildren. Only the two youngest are not grandparents. How I long to visit each and every one of my siblings and their families. I love my family so much, my immediate and my extended family.  This photo reminds me that we are all part of this beautiful thing we call life on this beautiful planet. I must not let my longings go to the wayside and I must put some thought into travel plans in my future. Even if it is a slow progression from one year to the next I must not give up hope. My life is so busy, money can get tight, it isn’t always easy to fit in everything you yearn to do, look forward and don’t give up. My thirst is great, travel I will in time.


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