via Daily Prompt: Sympathy

This word really hits home for me, how ironic.  Who would have thought that I’d be sitting in my family room typing about sympathy as I’ve been surounded by such sympathetic friends and family.  The outpouring of sympathy I have felt this past week has been AMAZING and so appreicated, these words can’t express how I feel, or can they? I will try.

I’ll dedicate this to all who have reached out to me and offered words of encouragement, through phone calls, emails, texts and social media (Facebook) I have said this before I am truly humbled and I am so very thankful. I will thank all of you in advance, those that we will be breaking bread together as I’ve got lunch dates lined up in the weeks to come which I know will cheer me up as I heal. This definitely has been a very overwhelming experience for me so I have to say that being able to share my thoughts has been so helpful to sort everything out and kept me motivated.

As I am writing this I’m thinking about my day. I’ve enlisted my husband to drive me to the feed store to pick up much needed Integrity grain and Timothy hay pellets. He’s my knight in shining armor as he always comes to my rescue. I plan on buying more horse bedding to freshen up my ponies stall.  Those that really know me know they probably could wait another week but spoil is my middle name, so its been too long in my mind. They need fresh bedding! Of course, my hubby will be helping with all this bless his soul.

And I am positive there will be many who can sympathize with my plight. I ache to ride and a little part of my brain, the conniving part, is trying to figure out a way of putting on a bareback pad and with the tall mounting block getting on my horse and ride around arena. Of course sensible tells conniving this is not going to happen. This is only week one, but conniving is not being very quiet and is wearing down sensible. Don’t worry I won’t be doing anything to jeapodize my healing its just fun to think about!

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