To Overcome

cropped-chloe-and-zack-2via Daily Prompt: Overcome

I’m down and out of commission for the next four weeks at least.  I’ve fallen and broken my wrist badly, surgery was last Wednesday. These pretty ponies are not going to be taken care of like I normally care for them, oh how I’m going to overcome. I’m going to enlist my family as they need to help me with my ponies.  I’m indebted to my best friend for all her care with my ponies. She is taking such good care of them, like they were her own. I need to overcome my frustration as it makes it difficult to see these turn of events in any way positive. I know I’m finding it difficult to type with one hand so I need to get better fast so I can blog with ease. I want to write so much more but am running out of steam today.  I enjoyed seeing my horses today with my girlfriend. She so kindly picked me up as I was going a bit stir crazy here at home. They are doing well, better than I thought, thankful actually, they are just fine. They are very spoiled and there are many friends at the stables looking after them as I heal at home.

I must overcome all these new obstacles that have been thrust before me.  Some seem so hard and will come in time. Others are easier like buttoning my own pants. Conquering removing my shirt and then putting on PJ’s a challenge. Taking my own bath or shower, not yet, not even close. putting on socks, okay done. My big problem is overcoming frustrations, totally understandable. And the question you should never ever ask – WHY?

So I am hoping that by blogging it will hone my writing skills. I love to read and write. I can only try and if things go well I will try and write some horse stories or blog about my barn where I ride my horses. There are many interesting stories that may be a fun read. I need to overcome my shyness which I know so many suffer from especially when it comes to sharing writings, thoughts to strangers.  I will be strong and fearless and I will OVERCOME!



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