A Thankful Heart


My best friend makes these beautiful necklaces that I love.  I’m not sure how she does it as she shrinks each image to fit in this adorable square pendant.  She has made me necklaces of my horses, and many bible quotes and sayings.  So many encouraging words and I’m so appreciative that she made this one that she gave to me this week.  It’s really pretty in person, my photo doesn’t do it justice but I love to include photo’s when I can.

“A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart” really hit home for me as I’ve been struggling with so many emotions this last month. I have been pushing sadness, depression and negative thoughts as far back in my head as I can, but they rear their ugly head anyways.  I’ve written a lot about my plight with my broken arm, but I usually share as positive spin on my ordeal as I can but of course life is not all sunshine and happiness we must also deal with disappointment, negative feelings and emotions. I know we all have our own personal struggles, some life threatening and hard like cancers, others emotional and just as difficult and life changing as divorce.  No matter what we are all facing or trying to overcome a positive approach is the healthiest and best way to see our world.

Not only have I been struggling with my own health issues lately, I’ve also been struggling with friendships. As this year has unfolded month after month different events have occurred where miscommunications and just different personalities have clashed and so feelings have been hurt and a lot of pain and anguish emotionally affected us all who have been struggling with friendships.  Those that know me well will understand but we’ve come full circle and I believe that my girlfriends pendant really shown through as my heart feels healthy as amends have been made and communication renewed. So my heart is now happy and even though I’ll feel sad sometimes because I’m human I just have to tell myself I’m loved, I’m not alone and so stop feeling sorry for myself. I’m thankful for my friends that I’ve struggled with and am glad all has been worked out. All my friends are awesome, I feel blessed.


Here are a few more pendants. I have others that are awesome too, but these touch my heart as the two outside ones are photo’s of my ponies. The middle one is hard to read but says “Ride More, Worry Less” something I’m working on as I am mending and can’t wait to ride someday sooner than later. I don’t have a date yet when I’ll be able to ride but this weekend will be a month since my accident.  I’m sure it will be some months before I’m healed enough for the saddle.

I’m back to work with limits from my doctor not to use my right arm. I’m still in pain as not only did I shatter my wrist but I tore many ligaments and tendons. The aches and pain gets frustrating to endure, so I’m staying on pain meds as best as I can. I know each week I’m that much better but it feels like a long arduous road. I’m blessed with a wonderful team of employees who work for me in the Vet Lab as they help me through this trying time. And I have always thanked and will thank them again all my family close and far away.  The support has been amazing. So I can say to all to open your heart, be Thankful  and I promise you will have a Happy Heart! 


Remembering Idaho

I’m reminded of our trip we took a year ago to my sister’s new house in Idaho this time last September. My daughter, my best friend and I planned a trip to visit my sister and her husband in northern Idaho where they have settled in after living their lives in southern California. And can I say WOW! What an absolutely beautiful place. It is just gorgeous and we all had a blast.  The pretty ladies above including myself went on a few adventures, one included going on this incredible scary swinging bridge in Montana.  Well, I was extremely afraid as I’m scared of heights and this swinging bridge crossed a river. The area was beautiful and of course I was my dramatic self telling everyone I was going to die if I crossed the bridge. I didn’t die. It still was scary.  I made it and I’m proud to say I conquered my fear on this day!  🙂


Okay, so this doesn’t look that scary, but trust me it moves when you walk on it.  And I had to walk back across! Haha, I don’t know how I survived! There were a lot of fisherman out catching fish, can’t remember what kind because I was too preoccupied with that darn bridge. We took another adventure to my brother-in-law uncles farm on the Canadian border.  He has a huge apple orchard and we got to pick apples and we made homemade applesauce. YUM!

Shhh… not far from the apple orchards we stopped at a cemetery and we walked across the border into Canada.  The small post designates Canada with my sister photo bombing my photo! My daughter did not come with us on this adventure but she got to enjoy all the apples we picked.  My sister has a couple of All-terrain vehicles that we took up a mountain road not far from her house. What a view!

We all got a turn driving and what a blast! I’ve never ridden in one let alone drive one and I know those of you that have All-terrain vehicle’s know exactly how FUN they are and it doesn’t matter if you’re in the desert or the mountains what fun toys (I call them) to have around.  My sister definitely made our trip fun.  We played board games, cooked good food.  We saw amazing sights and she even challenged my fears.  We talked into the night and got caught up on our busy lives. We giggled, we laughed, we had a blast! I need to plan another trip. How can it be a year ago we were there? I have so much traveling I want to do, how long before I’ll return? Maybe I can get our little group to visit again, or maybe I’ll get my hubby to come along the next time.  I’ll never forget my first trip to Idaho.  ❤


Miss Chloe, My Girl

How did I manage to catch her with her tongue out?  Haha, not in a million years could I take a photo so perfect.  I take a ton of photos of my girl, maybe it was bound to happen. I wanted to tell my story about my horse as we have been through so much together. She has the hugest heart and will do just about anything to please. She’s an alpha mare, strong-minded and a leader.  She is not afraid to be alone if trail riding by myself, not much ruffles her feathers.  She’s a steady stead, an amazing mare and in my eyes my best friend!

I bought this beautiful bay roan as she was just turning two, eleven years ago. I’ve always wanted to break and train a young horse so two was the perfect age. I did a lot of ground work and waited until the following year to get things going under saddle. She was a perfect angel to break to ride, actually acting rather stubborn instead of sensitive and crazy.  It was like she had peanut butter on her feet as I tried to get her to walk with me on her back. I had help and she was led with me astride until she got use to my weight and would walk more willingly. She was a quick learner and very trusting.  She was so fun to train and did great with the walk, trot and canter English style as that’s my background and training. After a few years she got this on again off again limp on her right back leg.


I have used a few different vets over the years. I believe it’s not a bad idea to have a working rapport with several vets. Different opinions or second opinions are huge and if in an emergency I’ve actually called three different vets using the one that called me back first. I do have favorites and settled with one of the vets that is an excellent diagnostician with legs. She was misdiagnosed the first time around with a different vet who did not diagnose her problem and after another year and a half I found out she had broken her stifle.  It was a hairline fracture with a small bone chip, my vet’s face upon discovery said it all, as he scratched his chin, shaking his head and I just stared at him thinking the worse. (My vet and I were shocked she had a broken bone as she did not present with such lameness to warrant such a discovery!)

Most broken bones with a thousand pound animal do not mix. I didn’t look up the statistics of survivability but my vet was thinking of euthanizing, but he shook his head and said she’s not very lame for a broken stifle.  She really didn’t limp much but had trouble pushing herself up after rolling over on that bad stifle. That’s where I could really see her pain. So we treat her symptoms with Equoxx and the best medicine is exercise as now she is arthritic as the bones fuse and calcium deposits form. I turn her out often as she freely can trot and canter in the arena. I ride her but only walking all over the trails to keep her in shape and the blood flowing.  She LOVES each ride and as long as she is willing I know her pain is in control.


It’s funny how our paths had crossed. I bought her from a young girl who wanted a horse.  She saved her paper route money and her Dad bought this baby horse. To young to ride and not handled much from a pasture, she was a PMU rescue baby. Part draft, quarter horse and thoroughbred – she was a very quiet lovable horse. She LOVES people, kids, and her owner did not know a single thing about horses.  Within a year the girl lost interest as she couldn’t ride her so she was put up for sale. My project began.

I had such lofty goals!  Maybe she could be a hunter, but no she really isn’t built nor moves like a hunter.  As her training improved I thought of endurance riding, but she’s really too heavy for that sport.  Maybe trail course shows? I had many ideas always on my mind. As a rider you always strive for a goal, something to work on as you train.  But as the years past and my incredibly busy schedule interfered with what horse showing I was entertaining, her lameness just washed all those dreams away.

I feel truly lucky to be able to still ride her even though it’s only at a walk all over town. I don’t know how many years she will last as I believe one day her legs will eventually just not be able to keep her moving.  I feel confident we both will know when that time comes.  My best friend helped me teach her to give kisses with horse treats.  She gently takes her nose and puts it out just shy of my mouth for kisses. So adorable, treats will be given and she is so gentle and kind. Mares can be so amazing. I have always given mares a bad rap but a good mare with a great disposition is so different from owning a gelding. I have both today, my gelding is quite the character with his silly faces. But he can nip. I’d never trust him with nose kissing! He’s a silly boy.  My girl keeps him in place.

If there was a moral to the story, I wish I had a good one.  We do not know how this injury happened, and it really doesn’t matter since we have to look forward and keep her happy. I’m thankful I can be satisfied with “just a trail horse” as we can’t ever compete, not even a trail course. She has a slight limp at the walk mostly a short stride so if you didn’t know you may not notice. The winters are harder for her but am hoping the pain meds will suffice.  I’ll keep her forever and really I am too busy to consider showing, and now I’m healing from my injury. We are hooked at the hip Miss Chloe and I, as she puts a huge smile on my face. As I walk into the barn each day she starts the whinny from afar recognizing me, and my gelding will neigh right behind her!  Really, they both melt my heart.  ❤


Note: I rarely ride English any more as English is the most uncomfortable saddle for trails.  Chloe is wearing the first western saddle I’ve ever owned. It’s a Circle Y flex-tree so light and easy to use. So comfy with my sheepskin seat saver.  It’s well broken in, a perfect trail saddle! This is a day with my trail buddies, so kind they took a photo of Miss Chloe and I – I don’t have many riding photos!


via Daily Prompt: Mighty


I feel mighty small in this world of ours.  As I sit and ponder all these beautiful places I’ve visited and all of my family that I have all over the world.  I have family in well over 6 states within the continent of the United States. Sister’s, brother, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, many cousins too. I know I have second cousins in Sweden or Denmark, I’m not sure which but it amazes me how large this Earth is how close we can all be.

When I read this word “mighty” it made me think of other things – other than an adjective – more like an adverb.  I find it mighty strange that my life just took this huge left turn.  I’m mighty thankful I can share my thoughts and stories on this blog.  It brings me tremendous pleasure and I hope you all are enjoying my stories.

I’m mighty thankful for all my friends and loved ones who make me whole and help define ME. Mighty tough is what I tell myself as I feel like I need to STAY STRONG. I tell myself that somehow I need to smile through the pain and take one day at a time.

For me through my eyes I think mighty helps describe our beautiful country.  These mighty mountains, gorgeous trees.  This photo is near the Canadian border 30 miles away to be exact, my sister’s new home in Idaho. God’s country as many say, I can’t wait to visit again one of these days.

I enjoy these word challenges as it does stir up some creative thinking and my emotions once I get going. I’m mighty happy to be spending another day with everyone. This puts a huge smile on my face. I hope you all are having a mighty fine day!  🙂

My Cutie Patutie

I’m going to be the most obnoxious grandma, as I brag and love this beautiful baby girl. She’s actually a toddler now growing so fast – right before our eyes!  She’s getting so tall, has the longest legs, will she be a dancer someday?  I wonder.  She has the most amazing little personality, loving animals as you can see here.  These pups are more than half her size, she shows no fear.  My goodness she is the most adorable, beautiful granddaughter one could ever ask for, she’s amazing. Okay, bragging done.  I just had to share as she is so fun to be around and I’m so thankful I can be a part of this little young ones life. Truly a gift.

My pups are amazing, so kind and gentle. Our house is so full, full of life and animals! We have a full house as we are helping my son, wife and their beautiful little girl.  It reminds me of when I was growing up with a house full of 6 kids. So many memories from days gone by, something I’d love to share someday, but not today.  I can hear her giggling as she runs around the house. In her mommies room she runs. Giggling past me she scurries off to papa’s room. She’s got 5 adults attention including my youngest son. He’s here too, finishing college.

One day my house will be empty, don’t think about that now I say to myself. My dream is for my immediate family to all live a stones throw away from each other. Okay, the same state would be nice, a blessing, a dream! So dream I will. I dream of a ranch for my horses. How about a huge ranch with multiple houses for my family, and their families. Let’s dream BIG! Maybe someday, my dreams will come true. I’ll never stop dreaming, will you?  ❤

Mixed Handedness


2 weeks after my surgery they removed my cast and now I wear this splint. I have to wear it for the next month or until my bones heal. I’m so thankful my surgeon let me wear this so I can remove it to shower, its easy to remove especially if my skin gets itchy too. I’m to stretch my incredibly stiff and damaged tendons, so painful but I’ll work on it each day. Physical therapy is starting in my near future, no pain – no gain right? I digress.

I wanted to share my fascination with mixed handedness.  I did a little research and found out that only 1 percent of the world is ambidextrous, with 9 percent of human population being left-handed and the rest, 90 percent right-handed.  No wonder I became mixed handedness as I’m living in a right-handed world.

I find it interesting as I’ve gone through each day with this injury struggling with which arm or hand I use for this, that and the other thing.  For instance, I brush my teeth with my right so I’ve had to teach my left but it didn’t take too long since I’m a mixed leftie.  I eat with my right, so I’ve had to learn to eat with my left.  Buttering toast has been really difficult but I’m getting better. I’ve really conformed so much to our right-handed world, no wonder I’m so confused sometimes when I can’t decide which arm or hand to use!

In my research I read that there are degrees of handedness and there’s an objective scale you can use called Edinburgh Handedness Inventory.  I took this objective test and I am -0.3 mixed left hander, which is different from being ambidextrous.  A true ambidextrous person has a symmetrical brain; meaning they use each side of their brain equally and in some of the articles I read they think this can contribute to ADHD, language problems and possible poor behavior in school.  Since I was a perfect angel through school I know I have an asymmetrical brain, I’m joking. I just know I do not have ADHD, and I was a pretty good student.

I now know I am not ambidextrous.  Through the testing and all that I read I just had to conform to right-handed scissors.  My right-handed mother who taught me right handed crochet and knitting.  I didn’t bother to ask for a left-handed mit for my right hand to play baseball, I even bat right handed. So I learned how to play tennis with my right hand, play pool right handed and use a mouse on the computer on the right side mouse pad. I’ve memorized and am quite fast at 10 key typing with my right hand.  I am an accomplished pianist, may have been easier for me to learn since I’ve had to use both sides of my brain for both hands. I can paint a wall with both hands equally well, but ask me to draw or paint in detail and I HAVE TO use my left hand. I often have felt odd with my mixed handedness!

So I challenge you to try to use your left hand. Since 90 percent of you who are reading this are right-handed, try brushing you teeth in the morning for a month with your left hand. They say through my research you will be “growing” your brain.  Try writing with your left hand, more brain cell growth. It’s good for you to exercise your brain. But whatever you do, please do not fall and break your arm to grow new brain cells. I don’t recommend it!  🙂


Australia – What an adventure

This has been an adventurous year! I want to highlight my first trip ever to Australia. This was such a huge accomplishment for me as I’ve never traveled so far before.  I’m not afraid to fly and have flown and visited many states in the U.S.  It’s just the thought of flying for all those hours was very disconcerting to me, and then the whole process of it all was overwhelming.  Getting a passport was a bit of an ordeal, we barely got mine in time.  My hubby and daughter already had theirs.  If I can encourage you to do something outside your comfort zone I highly recommend you try! It was so amazing and I had a blast in Australia!  These photos were taken in Sydney and Adelaide, the two places we visited.

I took so many photos I’m only sharing a few here. We took a short cruise to King George Island – I am not positive it was this island, my daughter would remember. Dang, am I getting old? I just have a lot of stuff in my brain, haha, I’m pretty sure I’m correct.  Either way we had yummy fish and chips for lunch. The beaches were beautiful there.  It was so fun seeing Sydney from the water, such a beautiful city.  In Adelaide we met my daughter’s college friend who was stationed there. My daughter is in the Air Force and has many friends around the world. My hubby and I are looking cool at a restaurant in Adelaide. We went to the zoo in Sydney, but our favorite was the wild animal park in Adelaide.  That’s where we got to feed and pet the wallaby and kangaroo. The best was the Koala. We were able to get up close and pet the Koala. I loved the huge eucalyptus trees that are everywhere, I took a photo in the wild animal park.

The most amazing thing for me was how odd it is to actually be in a place where they drive on the wrong side of the road!  I just couldn’t get use to it. Even the people on the side walks walked on the wrong side. It is strange to me!

I LOVED their coffees. Oh my, all the coffees we ordered were fantastic and I’ve never tasted such good coffee. They also don’t serve a black cup of joe anywhere. You could order a black cup of coffee but you don’t get a never-ending cup! CRAZY. I truly miss their coffee.

If I could encourage you and be inspirational it would be to follow your dreams and to step outside your comfort zone.  I’m so fortunate that my daughter encouraged me to travel and to reach out beyond my comfort zone. I made it, I enjoyed it and I had the time of my life! And the trip had its ups and downs. I sprained my ankle in the wild animal park. I was so embarrassed as I fell. I didn’t see the pothole as we went through gates from one pen to the next. Down I went, ouch, not fun but I survived. An adventure isn’t always perfect but it was so exciting and I had a blast with my family!

Trail Rides


I can’t wait to trail ride again. This summer was filled with really fun trail rides around our horse town in Norco, CA. The horse on the left is my good friends and he is only 5 years old but he is doing great on the trails.  He is a Morgan and has a sensible mind. Most of the time, Irish is a really good boy. Then I’m in the middle on Chloe my bay roan who is a seasoned trail horse with many trail miles.  She is an alpha mare and usually calms the herd of however many horses in the group.  She’s extremely sensible, such a pleasurable trail horse! To the right is my best friend who I’ve known since elementary school. Her mare is a seasoned trail horse too, she just is always in a hurry to get home, silly girl. We had a great ride on this day. Haha, Gracie is sticking her tongue out at us, couldn’t photograph that easily if you tried!


This trail ride was a blast too! All our trail rides are fun.  But sometimes things happen making the trail ride challenging.  There might be something scary our horses need to get by like those jumpy houses for party’s.  We pass many homes and there can be a dog or dogs in a yard hiding in the shade or just running to the fence barking. Horses will spook, but if you can get the dog to move sooner you can support your horse and get by with little trouble. The more barking dogs the more the horses get used to them.  A Norco trail horse is one of the most desensitized trail horses you can buy, I highly recommend them!


Apple Picking Day

What a beautiful day today in sunny California as we headed to our local mountains for apple season fresh picked apples. It brought back memories when I visited my sister in Idaho and we went apple picking at my brother-in-laws Uncle’s apple farm a year ago. We decided to just pick spartan apples and I couldn’t wait to eat this fresh picked apple. So juicy and sweet, I picked just over 1/2 pound. I would have picked more but I knew I needed other yummy treats from Oak Glen.

My bestest friend joined my nephew and I on our excursion. We had a wonderful lunch at Law’s Oak Glen Coffee shop. Our lunch was really good but what was to die for was my nephew’s apple pie he ordered. AMAZING! And I’m thankful he shared! Fresh apple pie with fresh apples just can’t be duplicated and they drizzle the pie with this scrumptious apple cinnamon syrup. The pie had crumbles on top, melting in our mouth. I’m drooling thinking about it, it was that good!

The weather was perfect and I was thankful a little cooler in the mountains. I splurged and bought, apple butter, pumpkin butter, peach preserves, blackberry Honeywood Mead and apple chutney. I know there may be many who have farms who would make all these items but for a busy person like myself I don’t mind helping our local farmers. Fills my heart with joy and fills my tummy with sumptuousness! What fun places do you visit on a one day excursion?  I would love to hear from you. I’m thankful for my friends and family who have lifted my spirits in this time of healing for me. I’m exhausted, but it’s a good exhausted.



via Daily Prompt: Recreate

I love to crochet, I love crafts in general but I have the most fun recreating these adorable Star Wars figures.  There are so many more I want to make.  I suppose the word create would probably be more accurate, but wait, no, I’m not creating these out of my imagination – I’m following a pattern so I’m recreating what the author of the pattern intended.  I’m definitely a pattern recreator crochet addict that loves to crochet animals, especially horses, and scarfs, blankets, baby items anything I think is cute and adorable. Useful would fall into the pretty catagory, and I like to mix it up crocheting useful items and just for fun items, but of course my favorite are the fun projects like Winnie the Pooh and his friend Piglet! I must make the rest of these Star Wars characters but first my arm needs to heal. Hmm… I can move my fingers pretty well, may be I can manipulate the crochet hook enough with my injured arm to crochet. It can’t hurt to try! Wait, it might hurt to try, literally, so I guess I won’t know unless I try. I can’t wait to recreate!



Missing My Girl

I miss my girl so much even though I’ve seen her through-out the last 12 days since my accident when I fell and broke my arm. I have friends and family who are so kind in bringing me to the barn as I dote on her the best I can.  My dear friends have helped me with my ponies filling water buckets (they have auto-maticwaterers, but we like to have extra water available which I watched my other horse Zack blow bubbles in today!) They are doing fine but I wonder if my beautiful bay roan may be a bit sad.

Our routine is gone. What was once a daily routine of turn outs and trail rides are over for months to come as I heal.  I think my girl misses our routine as she is not finishing her hay or grain and seems to hang her head a little. I’m thankful for her nuzzling today as my girlfriend took the photos above. I need a new routine.

So my plan going forward is to be driven to the stables each day until I’m able to drive myself to create a new routine for myself and my ponies.  I may need some help and am thankful for the friends around that can help me. I plan on spending time getting them exercised in arena and then lots of grooming.  I am going to work on some ground arena work with them to get them thinking and to learn some extra ground companionship. A lot of ideas are popping up into my mind. I love a challenge, so am looking forward to my new routine. I can’t wait to research this topic as well, any good ground training tips are welcome, please let me know. These are older horses, 13 years old and 21 years old. But they are never too old to learn new tricks I always say!

I’m feeling better already thinking about the days that lie ahead. I was starting to feel sorry for myself, it’s easy to do when you have an accident and your life is turned upside down. I’m extremely independent so it is a bit difficult to ask for help. I know I keep thanking everyone probably annoyingly, but it makes me feel better. I’ll try and thank more appropriately so I don’t drive everyone nuts! I know I would be right there helping my friends but its still hard to face this new adventure. Its going to take time to get into my groove. Can’t wait for some normalcy. It’s definitely weeks if not months away.



















As I stare at this beautiful photo of a stream up in Idaho where my sister now lives makes me thirsty for her company.  She use to live six miles from me, now it feels like 6,000 miles away. I have four sisters and one brother and we all live far from each other and we all have grown children and almost all of us have grandchildren. Only the two youngest are not grandparents. How I long to visit each and every one of my siblings and their families. I love my family so much, my immediate and my extended family.  This photo reminds me that we are all part of this beautiful thing we call life on this beautiful planet. I must not let my longings go to the wayside and I must put some thought into travel plans in my future. Even if it is a slow progression from one year to the next I must not give up hope. My life is so busy, money can get tight, it isn’t always easy to fit in everything you yearn to do, look forward and don’t give up. My thirst is great, travel I will in time.