Night Night sweet baby

She is told it’s bed time and that she needs her sleep.  This tiny little human tumbles through the house bouncing along and getting hugs from Papa and Grammy.   Before her bed she gets a bath, as she comes out of the bathroom with her bunny towel on coming to Grammy for a cuddle.  The sweet smell of her fills my nose, so clean as she is held in a bundle getting all the hugs she needs.  This toddler is in heaven as she bounces back and forth between Grammy, dad and her mom.  Papa is here too and grabs another hug as well.

She is saying more words together, just turning two this month of August.  She can say “Where is it”, and “have fun” one of her favorite little phrases.  Her vocabulary improves each day even though there is a lot of single words said, she understands so much more. To see the world through a child’s eye is an amazing thing, the wonders of it all as she makes the sound of an owl, “who, who” and “meows” to the kitty cats.  She’s learning her colors with PURPLE being her favorite.   When asked most everything is purple, ha ha, but with a little prompting she knows her primary colors very well.  Adorable, is what I say every day.

It is so fun to see her learn as she doesn’t understand when she sees a photo of herself and you say that’s you! and she says back “you” and then you explain say “me” and she says “me” but she doesn’t understand.  She sees herself in the mirror and you tell her that’s the mirror and she jumps on your bed with joy, repeating mirror, mirror! ha ha, she just makes me laugh she is so cute. She loves routine, most children do and she remembers amazingly well what we did yesterday playing on Grammy’s bed.  She will climb up on the bed and bounce around, you say “be careful” she repeats “be careful” so cute! She wants the fan over the bed turned on. Okay, I comply. Then off, why of course I turn it off. Then on, then off as this game goes on and you have to say we are done.  The fan is sleepy, say goodbye fan! She comply’s, “goodbye fan” in the most softest, charming, most adorable voice you will ever hear. She melts my heart.

She will sleep well, the best little sleeper I’ve seen.  I can’t wait for tomorrow another day with this growing, wondering toddler who has wonder in her eyes enjoying and learning each day.  Many may not be a grandparent and I can say with great pride and honesty that being a grandparent is the most fulfilling, amazing thing that has ever happened to me and I feel very fortunate to have a grandchild.  She is the most precious baby and brings much joy to our house.  Love you baby!

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