A Fallen Hero

As she rolls over in her bed unable to get up she realizes the pain she is in is real. She tries to stretch and lays there thinking what in the world is this life doing to her, if she could just get rid of the pain.

I started writing this three years ago and all I have is the paragraph above.  I think those words can have so many different meanings to whoever reads them. For me it was a beginning of a story of someone who struggles with trying to return to life after the military and how the horse brought her back to life.  The struggles of pain, whether physical or mental woven through her body and to her soul as she brings herself to understand how nature and this world are not the enemy, to find herself and the meaning of life.  What is the meaning of this life? I’m sure I’m not alone with this thought.

As I write this sitting in my family room, my daughter-in-law is here and looks so sad.  She says she is having an off day, she suffers from depression and I know how hard days can be for her, my heart goes out to her.  Maybe my fallen hero is the mother to my grand baby, maybe a little lost, a soul searching her way in this life.  Fallen on hard times needing help in this harsh world of economics, bills too high to think about, needing a roof over her and her family’s head and I’m so thankful we are here to help. Wishing I can take the pain away, make her smile, make her laugh.  How can I explain life is too  short to be sad, please smile and have fun. Life is hard, but life should not be sad.

I had told her that I would have her help me with my horses, my passion, my muse, my confidants, my horses.  But horses are not everyone’s passion, but they can heal the soul. Just look into those warm big eyes, they are God’s gifts and maybe I will ask her again if she will join me with my horses.  She knows I spend hours there and that I have a group of ladies who I ride with and certainly it’s my therapy as I get to free myself from life’s struggles to spend time with what I love. They make me smile, they make me laugh, they listen to what ever I say and seem to understand. Maybe I’ll give her a hug, she seems so sad today.

My fallen hero was going to be a long story about how the therapy of horse back riding saved her, but as I digress and look at life I can see how maybe my fallen hero I’m saving each day.  Maybe there are many fallen hero’s out there someone’s Mom, Dad or sister, brother, daughter or son. I will say a prayer to all the fallen hero’s out there and may they find peace and happiness.  I am learning that I need to write each day or as many days as I can as I find it inspiring.  I pray I am inspiring and that my writings are worth reading.  I want to write thought provoking blogs, and I would love to learn to write funny blogs as well, could I get some positive thoughts and smiles maybe?  That would be amazing as a smile a day keeps the doctors at bay.

2 thoughts on “A Fallen Hero

  1. justthingsnothingimportant

    Horse therapy is the Best kind of therapy there is, They are the most Wonderful animals on the planet ( Shhhh, Don’t tell my dog I said that ) she is the best dog ever but horses are the best animals of all time.

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    1. My best friend growing up was a dog named Shauna. She was a stable dog, so I had horses and my best friend. But I have never had another dog like her again. We have 2 dogs right now, and I have always had other dogs all through the years. BUT there is just something really special about horses ~ and shhh ~ I won’t tell your sweet dog a thing! ❤

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