Dinner tonight

How many people want to know what’s for dinner? I wonder that all the time.  I love to cook but am not cooking like I use to as life is so darn busy I can’t seem to fit it all in…. sigh…  How is it that the time each day goes by so fast?  Here it is the day is almost over and the routine of sleeping, working starts again.

My husband is a saint.  Bless him for taking on the roll of cook when the days I need to sleep or I just don’t know what to make happens.  I work night shift five nights a week and I sleep through dinner going to bed in the afternoon.  I only eat dinner two nights a week, unless I take an additional day off.  My work habits may not be normal as I am not a nine to five worker, this has been my life for the last thirty five years.  I never thought in a million years that I would still be working the night shift.  How does this time fly by.

I decided to write this as I smell the good food coming from the kitchen.  I’m suppose to be heading for my nap as I work tonight and need to get some sleep so that I can make it through the night and be able to drive home in the morning when my shift has ended. I’m thankful and hateful all at the same time for my crazy hours – there is no traffic working these crazy hours, and I’m free during the day to spend time with my hobby’s, and my family but I miss sleeping every night.  Who wouldn’t be missing a normal life. But what is normal?  This is my life, this is my normal.  Time to eat.



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