The Beautiful Bay Roan

She kicks him hard as she rounds the corner and heads for the small jump in the middle of the arena. He doesn’t really move to fast as he moves toward the jump and as he gets closer and loses momentum he stops and Chelsea falls forward on his neck nearly falling to the ground.  She is flustered and angry at this slow poke, why she has to ride him is beyond her years but this is what her mom says will teach her to ride.

“Look up, and sit up tall,” her mom yells to her as she loses ground. “What are you looking at?” she says as the horse grinds to a stop. He is a tough one to keep going but all the safer in her eyes as she tries to guide Chelsea through the ride. Teaching your daughter is tough and they just never listen, the arguing can get intense but her mom has high hopes as Chelsea is a natural and has one of the best seats she has seen and her ability to speak with her hands to the horse is amazing. She will not give up on her as she thinks this may be her ticket to the big leagues, if she can get her to listen and do.

“I am looking up, MOM” she yells and she finds this whole thing so difficult. Why can’t she ride Peter who packs all the other kids her mom teaches over the jumps with ease. As she gathers herself and sits back in the saddle just escaping a fall, she is not afraid. If she falls so be it, it would not be the first time and she wants to get this horse going and asks her mom for a crop. Once she gets the crop and gets Ranger moving she rounds the corner and with a nice canter stride one, two, three – perfect up and over the jump she flies, well, flies a little but it was a nice jump and she felt great getting him to listen to her, finally.

Chelsea is a little thing just barely 5 feet tall. Her mom towers over her and she knows she has big shoes to fill if she is to get these big horses to listen to her. She is a feisty 13 years old, loving horses as long as she can remember and like her mom always says, it’s in our blood, the love of the horse. It’s all Chelsea has known as she has watched her mom work so hard with horses. They are so majestic and Chelsea does want to make her mom proud but she knows it won’t be easy with her size as she needs to get these horses to respect her and she needs to remember to respect the horse.

Chelsea pets Ranger on the neck, “Good boy,” she says as he walks by the jump and her mom tells her to do it again and if they get it right a few more times then they will put two jumps together, more challenging but so worth it as she trains to get this lazy horse to canter over these low jumps. Chelsea wants to ride jumpers, the height they jump will really feel like flying and Chelsea knows it will be all about finding the right horse that will listen to her and have that love of jumping as well as the love of pleasing their rider. There are many horses that just want to please and do what ever their owner wants them to do and you just feel like one with the horse when this understanding between horse and rider is perfect.

As Chelsea cleans up Ranger after her jumping lesson she walks him back to his stall and her mom is close by walking another horse to it’s stall when Chelsea eyes a young two year old filly watching them. “Who is that?” Chelsea asks her mom as they walk by this youngster.

“That’s a new filly that came in to the barn yesterday. Someone at another barn stopped paying the board and I told them I would take her, I think she is ugly,” her mom said without turning back as they walked on by the filly’s stall. Chelsea walked over after putting Ranger in his stall and that little filly went right up to Chelsea and nuzzled her cheek. Her mom was right behind her with a warning.

“Chelsea, be careful! she is young and could bite your face!” her mom was frustrated Chelsea was so careless. But as she watched the filly she could see her eyes and her nuzzle was the most sincere nuzzle she’s seen. She was smelling Chelsea’s hair, so curious this youngster, she thought she had the ugliest head around. Young and silly, horses are like any other young animal and they can nip, kick and hurt you even though they may not mean to as they just do not have any training and can do silly things. To play with a human is dangerous and they need to be taught manners and to behave so both horse and rider do not get hurt. This little filly was the most unusual color Chelsea has ever seen, she was in her eyes the most beautiful bay roan.

“Mom, she is SO beautiful!” Chelsea exclaimed as the filly pushed her hair around sniffing it with curiosity. Humph, her mom trudged away reminding her to be careful and wondering what Chelsea saw in this clearly un-pretty filly. Her head was a different color than her body and she had a roman nose which is a slope out and down which makes it look ugly if you don’t like roman noses. Most people like the beautiful dish face of an Arabian, or a Thoroughbred and this little filly was also at a stage in her life that made her look uglier because she was still growing. So she was not the beauty that her mom would have liked but she was free and if Chelsea likes her than this will be a nice project for the both of them. Now to decide on a name for this funny looking bay roan filly.